Banana leaf restaurant, Kanna Curry House offers its waiters & waitresses free iPhones

Initially, we experienced a shortage of chickens. Now, Malaysia is experiencing a shortage of workers. In fact for the last few months, the ‘we are hiring’ post was an all too common sight amongst restaurants and cafes. One restaurant that has gone to great lengths is popular banana leaf restaurant, Kanna Curry House. The eatery recently placed a social media post which stated that applicants will receive iPhone SEs if they stayed in the job for six months.

Kanna Curry House - banana leaf

As reported by Malay Mail, the pandemic had forced many of the restaurant’s foreign workers from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to return home to reunite with their families. Hence, this left the restaurant desperately seeking local employees to fill in the empty positions at all of their seven branches across Klang Valley.

Kanna Curry House - location

The banana leaf eatery has promised wages of RM10/hour as well as transport allowance. But the perks don’t just stop there! Staffs are allocated 20 percent discount on takeaways, as well as free meals.

In addition, the eatery’s job entails reduced working hours, from 9am to 5pm, with one off day per week. This is instead of the usual 12 hour shift, of 8am to 8pm. Not keen on working full-time? The restaurant has even added part-time positions.

Kanna Curry House is not the only eatery suffering from manpower shortage. According to a report on Shin Min Daily News, a Japanese restaurant in Orchard Road explained that it has always been difficult to hire dishwashers. In end, even after raising the salary to S$3,500, it took the restaurant owner about a month to hire someone from Malaysia.

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