Be the first 2000 to redeem free fiery KFC SG’s Hot Devil Drumlets only on 2 Sep

Craving a spicy kick? KFC Singapore is bringing back their Hot Devil Drumlets just in time to satisfy your tastebuds with fiery, crunchy chicken.

And to drum up even more excitement, KFC is giving away two pieces of Hot Devil Drumlets for free with any meal on 2 September 2020 only.

Kfc Hot Devil Online 2

Just imagine the tangy indulgence of crunching into the spicy lime drumlet as the acidity and spice form a feisty combination on your tongue. You’ll be reaching for more!

This promotion is only limited to the first 2000 sets, so hurry to get yours on 2 September 2020!

To redeem this promotion, simply key in the promo code ‘KFCHDD2020‘ when you order dine-in, takeaway or delivery via the Self-order Kiosk, KFC website or KFC app.

Kfc Hot Devil Online 1

You might remember the last time these Hot Devil Drumlets made a fleeting appearance back in 2017. With the KFC fans aghast at their disappearance from the menu then, I wonder if the Hot Devil Drumlets are here to stay this time. Either way, I’d get mine as soon as I can so as to play safe.

The aptly named Hot Devil Drumlets are touted to be the fieriest out of all their other spicy variations. If you love a good tongue-burning, sweat-breaking experience (as I’m sure many Singaporeans do), now’s the time for you to shine.

So don’t sit on this! Get the free 2-piece redemption with any meal on 2 September 2020 while you can, or even just get the Hot Devil Drumlets for as long as they’re around.

Date & Time: Free 2-piece promotion on 2 September 2020 limited to the first 2000 redemptions, available at all outlets (except Singapore Zoo) for dine-in, takeaway and delivery

Price: Free with any meal purchased