Truffle fried rice joins King of Fried Rice’s menu until end of 2021 — starting from S$6.50

What I’ve always absolutely loved about fried rice is that it tastes good with any ingredient—whether it’s the famed pork chop fried rice with egg from Din Tai Fung, or the kimchi fried rice that I ate way too often to be socially acceptable last semester in NTU. We tried King of Fried Rice more than two years ago, but the stamp of approval it received still remains.

an infographic about truffle fried rice

Joining their ranks until 31 December 2021 is an all-new series, featuring ingredients that most Singaporeans hold near and dear to our hearts (and mouths). King of Fried Rice is adding a limited edition Truffle Fried Rice to their menu, available at all 17 outlets, and knowing their impeccable track record, you could rice your expectations to the sky and still be blown away.

a close up of fried rice

You’ve had truffle on pasta, fries, potato chips, and even in drinks, so why not have it fried with rice, too? King of Fried Rice has four options of truffle fried rice for your tasting pleasure—Plain (S$6.50), for those who want to keep it simple. If more is more in your opinion, then there’s Shrimp (S$8.90), Pork Cutlet (S$8.90), and Crabmeat & Tobiko (S$12.50).

pork chop fried rice

The last time we paid a visit, we were already blown away by their regular Egg Fried Rice with Pork Cutlet (S$6.50), and now, I’m ready for the new truffle fried rice menu additions to send me to fried rice heaven and back.

Their regular menu items will still be available, so you can opt for Mala Fried Rice (S$5+) if you’re in the mood for that extra spicy kick, or indulge in their staple Egg Fried Rice (S$4+) if truffle isn’t really your thang. Whatever you’re in the mood for, a lip-smacking chef’s kiss is definitely due, and that’s a promise.

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