First dibs: Luxuriate in a bubbly afternoon tea at Lady M’s first-ever Champagne Bar

Sinking deeper into every light and airy layer, with sweet, sweet resistance from the pillowy tower—that’s my fork going in for Lady M’s iconic mille crêpe cake. This iconic signature needs no introduction; its well-deserved acclaim is fully understood. And when their Lady M Afternoon Tea (S$60++ per pax) is launching at their world’s first Champagne Bar on 17 July 2021, you know it’s going to be a classy, bubbly and sweet affair.

Lady M

On the third floor of Ion Orchard, I am greeted by Lady M’s snazzy metal signage, hanging above a grand showing of mille crêpe cakes on the island bar. In full glory, donned with rose-gold accents and modern touches, the space is utterly befitting of a champagne bar, imbued with a flair that belongs solely to the first.


As we settle down and unwind, we’re soon served a theatrical performance of tea preparation. From tea-leaf pouring to straining, it’s an experience that treated us to the wafts of Dark Chocolate Peppermint and White Coconut Crème Tea. The gentle, sweet aromas soothed as their light tastes primed our palates.

Lobster Fettucine

Kickstarting the experience with their boutique exclusive mains, the first twirl of Creamy Lobster Fettucine (S$32++) graced our palates. Bountiful bites of chewy fettucine and sweet Maine lobster chunks swimming in a pool of light, buttery Alfredo sauce ensued.

Lady M Champagne

An intentional, perfectly curated menu awaits, but due attention must be given to their specialty champagne. Their Première Cuvée Extra Brut from Bruno Paillard (S$19++ per glass) shines in a bright tartness of citrus with floral notes, cutting right through the creaminess of the fettucine number. It’s a delicious reminder of Lady M’s artistry in both their fare and champagne and rises to the occasion as their champagne bar.

Lady M Afternoon Tea

Arriving as the star of the afternoon tea, two tiers of signature Sweet and Savouries hold our attention, and I immediately zoom in on the sandwiches and canapés at the base. The Open-faced Lobster Toast with Truffle Cream welcomes a flavourful mix of luscious, zesty cream and sweet, chewy meat, tying it all together with a crispy toast. I wish I had more, but the charm of afternoon tea sets lies in their variety.

Lady M Savoury

I pop in the Mushroom Duxelle Vol Au Vent next, savouring this canape in its deconstructed layers: a crown of caramelised, sweet onions followed by the savoury mushrooms with a peppery touch, then down to its chewy and buttery puff pastry that served its purpose. It compels you to slow down and savour.

Lady M Afternoon Tea

To pace yourself through this abundant tea, you may require an alternating savoury-sweet eating rhythm. The Petit Very Berry Tartlet, Strawberry Shortcake and Pink Choux taste exactly as they promise, offering comfort in nice bites.

Lady M Mille Crepe Cake

And of course, we have their boutique-exclusive Champagne Mille Crêpe (S$25++ per slice) and Signature Mille Crêpe to end off this experience. The champagne-riddled jelly bits, though, what a nice contrast to the airy crêpe layers. In Lady M, we trust, for all things mille crêpe and now, champagne.

Channelling Mark Twain’s energy on this revered drink, one glass of champagne too many is just right, especially in between canapés and cakes. This world-class champagne bar of Lady M’s is cloud nine, and you’ll leave with a spring in your step.

The Lady M Afternoon Tea (with a minimum order of 2 sets) will be available at Lady M’s Champagne Bar from 17 July 2021 onwards, on weekends, 12pm or 3pm.

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Lady M Ion (Champagne Bar)

2 Orchard Turn, 03-32/33, Singapore 238801


Lady M Ion (Champagne Bar)

2 Orchard Turn, 03-32/33, Singapore 238801

Telephone: +65 6509 0790
Operating Hours: 11am - 10.30pm (Mon to Sun), 11am - 10.30pm (Fri & Sat)
Telephone: +65 6509 0790

Operating Hours: 11am - 10.30pm (Mon to Sun), 11am - 10.30pm (Fri & Sat)
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