Layang-Layang In’syirah: Hidden Malay fusion dishes like Satay Coney Dog and Nasi Lemak Goreng

I’m not one for fusion food. The mish-mash of both Western and Asian cuisines just doesn’t cut it for me. Trust me, I’ve gone through my fair share of tom yum pasta and nasi lemak burgers to form that opinion. I held a looser grip on that perception as I made my way to Layang-Layang In’syirah at North View Bizhub, which is known for its fusion food.

Layang-Layang In'syirah - Exterior Shot

Despite only being a 6-stop bus ride from Yishun MRT Station, I couldn’t help but feel an immense sense of ulu-ness. A large part of it probably stems from the shelterless 7-minute walk from the nearest bus stop as you pass by rows and rows of industrial buildings. 

Layang-Layang In'syirah - Interior Shot

Looking at Google Maps also shows the body of water that separates us from Malaysia being just under 0.5 km from where it was located. This was definitely a part of Yishun that even its outdated memes never reached.

What I tried at Layang-Layang In’syirah

Layang-Layang In'syirah - Food

Surprisingly for a self-declared fusion stall, Layang-Layang In’syirah largely offers Asian fusion food, which means the likes of Nasi Lemak Goreng (S$6.50), Nasi Ayam Satay (S$7.50) and even Nasi Goreng Korea (S$6.50).

There were also noodle options like your standard Mee Rebus (S$4) and Mee Soto (S$4), and also more unconventional dishes like Pattaya ($5.50) and Mi Hun Satay (S$6) which are commonly seen in Chinese stalls.

Those preferring localised Western food can opt for their variety of burger options featuring homemade beef and chicken patties. You have the Burger Rendang Special (S$5.50), Burger Satay Special (S$6.50) and The NR Burger (S$7.50).

Last but certainly not least was their Coney Hotdog (S$6) which also came in Malay-inspired flavours such as Rendang Coney Hotdog (S$7) and Satay Coney Hotdog (S$8)

Layang-Layang In'syirah - Satay Coney Hotdog

You can’t blame me for trying the Satay Coney Hotdog that was literally heaped with beef satay slices, though chicken was available too. I observed the owner pilling them up even as pieces fell from the bun, and with much amusement, I noted that the fallen pieces were promptly placed on the bun again. It also came with a bowl of satay sauce.

Layang-Layang In'syirah - Satay Coney Hotdog

The first thing that hit me was the softness of the bun. It was as if I bit into a puffy air of nothingness. Then came the satay slices. Whilst plenty, they were a little on the dry side and without the strong taste of cumin that I was anticipating. The satay sauce was thick and nutty but was leaning more on the sweet and savoury side of things.

Luckily, the thick cheese sausage underneath it all with cheese sauce added a much-needed saltiness to an otherwise sweet affair. 

Layang-Layang In'syirah - Burger Kawin Special

Up next was the Burger Kawin Special, which was essentially a double patty burger with both chicken and beef. It was done in the typical ramly burger style with a thin omelette being a blanket for both patties. Thankfully, the owner was less trigger-happy with the sauces, unlike most ramly burger stalls.

And again, the bun disintegrated within a few bites. I also enjoyed how well-seasoned the patties were, though I could only pinpoint the use of chilli powder and maybe paprika. Whilst the patties themselves didn’t exactly taste anything out of this world, I was impressed by how juicy it was.

It goes without saying that I made a mess of myself eating it with my bare hands, especially with both patties constantly sliding off one another, but ignorance is certainly bliss.

Layang-Layang In'syirah - Nasi Goreng Rendang

Lastly was the Nasi Goreng Rendang, which initially seemed to be lacking in rendang, but I discovered that it was actually on the rice as they were fried along with rendang paste. Brilliant. It also had fried chicken covered with copious amounts of serundeng (spicy toasted coconut).

As innovative as it sounds, my first bite of fried rice left me wanting for stronger rendang flavours as it was but a whiff. And whilst the flavours did slowly build up as the number of spoonfuls grew, it never came close to reaching the same levels of actual rendang.

Layang-Layang In'syirah - Nasi Goreng Rendang

The serundeng tried its best to imitate the flavours of rendang by providing the signature coconut taste along with a pretty respectable heat, but still wasn’t doing it for me. On its own, I did enjoy the smokey and slightly sweet taste of the grated coconut that packed a decent heat.

Unfortunately, the fried chicken, whilst tender, was lacking in any seasonings and made for a dull protein addition. However, it tasted much better when coupled with the serundeng.

Final thoughts 

To be clear, Layang-Layang In’syirah wasn’t the cheapest Malay food I’ve ever had, but when taking into consideration its location as well as the generous portions, it’s at least a fairly priced one. 

There were certainly misses during my lunch but the hits, like the Satay Coney Hotdog and Burger Kawin Special, far outweigh it. Though the inconvenient location means I won’t exactly be having lunch here every week, it definitely warrants your appetite with its unique take on Malay cuisine.

Expected damage: S$6.50 – S$8 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Layang-Layang In'syirah

6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, GHK @ North View, Singapore 768090

Our Rating 4/5

Layang-Layang In'syirah

6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, GHK @ North View, Singapore 768090

Telephone: +65 9392 8834
Operating Hours: 10am - 5pm (Mon to Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun
Telephone: +65 9392 8834

Operating Hours: 10am - 5pm (Mon to Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun
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