Lights by the Lake 2022 is a feast for your eyes & belly at Jurong

If you’re sick and tired of visiting malls after dinner, head down to Lights by the Lake 2022 instead, where the whole landscape of Jurong Lake Gardens gets a captivating makeover to celebrate the upcoming mid-autumn festival. It will be filled with lantern displays, a mini food fair, musical performances and so much more.

lights by the lake 2022 - lantern display

Be treated to spectacular lantern installations with three main themes such as “It’s a small world”, where different countries ranging from the faraway Egypt to neighbouring Malaysia are represented by thematic designs. These various works of art were hand-wrought by artists from China.

lights by the lake 2022 - egypt

If you wish to support our underprivileged communities, there are different types of activities you can get yourself involved in. You can buy your very own charity water lantern for S$10, where you can write your wishes and release them on the water. You can also purchase a potted plant to care for or grab a mini sky lantern souvenir.

lights by the lake 2022 - water lantern

If you’re feeling hungry after taking a slow stroll around Jurong Lake Gardens, head over to the mini bazaar that’s decked out in pretty fairy lights showcasing various food and drinks stalls selling local street food. I’ve made things easy for you and checked out what’s available over there.

lights by the lake 2022 - mini bazaar

The first thing that caught my eye was the stall selling Ramly Burger (S$4.50 for 1, S$12 for 3). It was one of the stalls with the longest queue, obviously. A Bazaar doesn’t seem to be complete without this ever-popular street food, does it?

lights by the lake 2022 - ramly burger

Fans of Taiwan street food can check out the Taiwan crispy chicken stall, which sells three kinds of crispy chicken. They are Salted Crispy Chicken (S$4.50 for small, S$5.50 for large), Sesame Crispy Chicken (S$4.50 for small, S$5.50 for large) and XL Crispy Chicken Chop (S$4.50 for small, S$5.50 for large). It also sells Fried Shiitake Mushrooms (S$4) and Honey Glazed Chicken Chop (S$5.50).

lights by the lake 2022 - lekor

There’s also Lekor (S$4 for a bag), which is a traditional Malay fish cracker snack originating from the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. Another popular stall was selling  Takoyaki (S$4.50 for 6), which came in flavours like octopus, prawn, crab stick and chicken ham.

lights by the lake 2022 - popcorn and cotton candy

You’ll also find sweet treats like Popcorn (S$3) and Cotton Candy (S$3), which will surely be a hit with the kids. To quench your thirst after all that indulgent street food, there’s a stall selling Pure Cane (sugarcane juice) (S$3 for 500ml, S$4 for 700ml), which gives you the option to add various toppings (+S$0.50) like lemon, nata de coco, strawberry burst, sour plum or lychee burst.

You can also get your hands on four types of Thai Milk Tea (S$3 for 500ml, S$4 for 700ml)— mango, rose, green and original.

lights by the lake 2022 - jurong lake gardens

With so much to check out at Lights by the Lake 2022, bring along your mooncakes and lanterns to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy a meaningful mid-autumn festival with your loved ones. This one is not to be missed!

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