Lipton, George Young and The Cufflink Club Create New Tea-based Cocktails and Mocktails

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Lipton has been one of the longest standing tea brands in Singapore, and also sits constantly in my cupboard as a daily staple. Today at a quaint mansion event, Lipton goes beyond just being an old fashioned cup of tea and shows us how else you can savour this classic brand.

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Lipton, British raised celebrity George Young and The Cufflink Club come together to create 16 unique cocktail and mocktail recipes using a variety of Lipton tea. The aim is to inspire tea-drinkers all over to experiment with different ways of enjoying tea.

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Upon arrival, guests were treated to 2 freshly brewed tea-based drinks to satiate our thirst. We even had personal mugs with our initials on it!

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Made with Passion Raspberry Tea and rum, this Lipton’s Dark Passions cocktail was tart with that subtle tea tannins still lingering for a invigorating start to the event.

jean danker singapore deejay

Although I’ve been talking about George Young, the amicable Jean Danker of Class 95FM was also at the event to emcee.

Seth Lui Gushclod influencers Jean Danker

The other Gushcloud influencers and I couldn’t defy taking a gratifying group shot with Jean and her cheery yellow skirt, specially picked for this event.

Shaking things up

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The tables were all setup with various bar tools and fresh ingredients to create our own tea-based drinks.

lipton tea singapore cocktail

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Not forgetting the key component of Lipton Tea, guests were invited to try our hands at shaking up our own drinks with the recipes provided.

george young Joel fraser cufflink club

Of course, easy-going George Young and Joel Fraser of Tippling Club were there to guide us through the entire process with step by step instructions.

I was just raring to go, and immediately started on my drink.

grapes muddling cocktail

The cocktail and mocktail recipes by Lipton use a lot of fresh fruits to really enhance the taste of the flavoured teas, and for this particular drink we’re using fresh grapes.

muddling fruits in shaker

muddled grapes mocktail

Start by slowly muddling the grapes in the shaker tin to extract all the juices.

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It’s not exactly rocket science and it helps that I’ve some bartending background to know what I’m doing. But hey, if I can do it, so can you.

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Next we add some flavour modifiers including maple syrup and lemon juice for a sweet, zesty kick.

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And of course, we add some Lipton Yellow Label tea that has been steeped beforehand to get a good concentrate. Lastly, ice is also added because you can’t have a cold drink without ice can you.

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Seth Lui shaking cocktails

Cap it tight, then give it a good shake while smiling to infuse happiness into your concoction. Everything tastes better with a smile.

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Finally, strain out your mix into a nice glass and garnish. Throw in a few more ice cubes to keep it really chilled.

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Tada! A simple and beautifully created mocktail called the Lipton Maple Twist. The other recipes involve similar steps and if you want a cocktail, alcohol will be part of the ingredient list.

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I also made another cocktail called the Fruitea Red Crush, using Lipton Forest Fruits tea, vodka, honey and lemon juice.

The refreshing recipes give a new spin to the usual hot tea, with uplifting cold concoctions befitting our humid little tropical island.

After Party

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After such a herculean task of shaking cocktails, guests were all invited back into the mansion for more drinks (made by professionals this time) and canapes. Jean Danker and George Young continued to banter and entertain guests while we munched away.

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lipton tea-08216165

Yummy bite sized canapes were passed around for guests to enjoy with their tea cocktails.

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Another cocktail from the 16 recipes is the Lipton Mo-Tea-To, a variation of the classic mojito, made with Lipton Refreshing Mint Tea, mint leaves, lime juice and a dash of bitters.

Jean Danker Seth Lui

I just couldn’t resist. Another shot with Jean Danker! I should really shave the next time I attend events with beautiful women.

The cocktail and mocktail recipes created by George Young utilize a variety of famous labels from their Yellow Label Tea and Pyramid Tea range.

lipton fruitea red crush

The process in creating these drinks was an interesting one for serial tea drinker George Young. I mean, he is British, so tea practically runs in his blood. Although George had no prior experience as a mixologist, he collaborated with The Cufflink Club’s owner Joel Fraser and created his three signature drinks over a period of two months- The Maple Twist, Mo-Tea-To and Fruitea Red Crush.

Amazing, simple concoctions anyone can create at home, Lipton proves that tea can be exciting and stimulating all over again.

The Lipton Yellow Label range and Lipton Pyramid Tea range are available at all major supermarkets and are priced from S$5.85 (per box of 100 tea bags) and S$4.95 (per box of 20 tea bags) respectively.

For more information, do visit their FB page