Mandai Bird Paradise opening: Big discount for soft opening

From Jurong Bird Park to Mandai Bird Paradise – now that sounds like an upgrade! Asia’s largest bird park welcomes you with open wings from the second week of May 2023.

Tickets will be on sale from 24 Apr 2023. They are available at discounted rates for the soft opening, which is from 8 to 26 May 2023. After discount, adult tickets will cost S$38, children’s tickets will be priced at S$23 and seniors (above 60) get in at just S$20.

Singapore residents enjoy up to 30% off admission tickets with the WildPass.

Mandai Bird Paradise - Wings of the World
Credit – Mandai Bird Paradise

A whole new set of avian adventures awaits intrepid explorers at this bigger and better bird sanctuary. The Wings of the World performance features a cast of the most popular birds showcasing their natural talents, vibrant plumage and remarkable IQ.

Parrots duel (playfully) to impress you with speed, agility and showmanship. Endangered hyacinth macaws, great pied hornbills, sun conures and the trilingual singing yellow-naped Amazon Parrot all await. As before, there will be ample opportunity to participate in the performances, too.

Mandai Bird Paradise - Predators on Wings
Credit – Mandai Bird Paradise

Want to get a glimpse of the raw power characteristic of beautiful birds of prey? The Mandai Bird Paradise Predators on Wings show stars these fierce and majestic creatures. Watch as they demonstrate exactly why they belong at the very top of the food chain.

The White-bellied Sea Eagle, Turkey Vultures and Harris’s Hawk all make an appearance. Meanwhile, the Malay fish Owl shows off its strong, steady talons as scavenging vultures circle overhead. A Brahminy Kite will swoop down when you least expect.

Feeling brave? You can look these gigantic, formidable birds in the eye from up close— just raise your hand when the friendly team asks for volunteers!

Mandai Bird Paradise - landscape
Credit – Mandai Bird Paradise

There will be no less than 7 dining options. With the Bird Bakery, Penguin Cove Café and Shop, Penguin Cove Restaurant, Food Central food court, Tram Kiosk ice cream parlour, Egg Splash Café and Shop, and celebrity chef-helmed Crimson Restaurant all in one place, even the pickiest eaters will have options.

Mandai Bird Paradise - Crimson Wetlands
Credit – Mandai Bird Paradise

Mandai Bird Paradise promises to be even more thrilling and educational than Jurong Bird Park. Fly in for the discounted rates during its soft opening and make it an ideal day out for the whole family.

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Mandai Bird Paradise

20 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore, Singapore 729825


Mandai Bird Paradise

20 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore, Singapore 729825