McDonald’s new Brown Sugar Milk Tea sundae is what sweet dreams are made of

a collage of mcdondald's latest ice creams
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Tell me you love McDonald’s ice cream without telling me you love McDonald’s ice cream. I’ll go first—I’ve tried every single flavour they’ve launched since I was in primary school. Yup, I remember making special trips down to the nearest dessert kiosk emblazoned with the signature golden arches for their chendol, pandan, gula melaka, Lotus Biscoff, banana, and Hershey’s flavoured sundaes. It’s a lifetime commitment that I’ve unwittingly undertaken, but their newest Brown Sugar Milk Tea sundae is a reminder of why the unhealthy amount of sugar is worth it for me.

Mcdsg Brown Sugar Mt

Whether you’re a loyal fan of your brown sugar milk teas or hankering after an affordable dessert that’s accessible, McDonald’s will come to the rescue with the all new Brown Sugar Milk Tea sundaes, available at all dessert kiosks. Your creamy swirl of ice cream is available as a Hot Fudge Sundae (S$2+), drenched in smooth, gooey, hot fudge sauce, as well as in McFLURRY (S$3+) form, which is mixed with Oreo crumbs for that extra crunch and satisfaction.

brown sugar milk tea sundae
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

If you want to enjoy the pure, unadulterated flavours of brown sugar milk tea, McDonald’s will also making this flavour available in Cone and Twist Cone (S$1+) versions.

Of course, if you’re anything like my mum, who insists that I can’t have ice cream before dinner even though I’m already the ripe old age of twenty, you can always have a go at their Crispy “Hainanese Chicken” Burger in collaboration with Mediacorp artiste Ben Yeo. Caffeine addicts can even go all out by washing it down with the Kopi Frappe before indulging in a cup of creamy Brown Sugar Milk Tea sundae.

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