New McDonald’s Hotcakes With Golden Chicken Cutlet Now Available For CNY — Don’t Expect Too Much

There has been a lot of misses with fast food as of late. Needless to say, my trust in the Golden Arches has been grossly shaken since the release of the Salted Egg Yolk Loaded Fries.

With the Prosperity Beef and Chicken Burgers (S$6.50 for a single patty, S$7.50 for double patty) making its inaugural comeback along with some new additions, perhaps my faith can be restored.

Macdonalds Hotcakes With Golden Chicken 2

The new kid on the block this Lunar New Year is Hotcakes with Golden Chicken (S$6.50). The ever fluffy hotcakes now come with a chicken cutlet; sort of McDonald’s take on chicken and waffles but with pancakes instead.

Macdonalds Hotcakes With Golden Chicken 1 2

I cut a piece of the chicken cutlet first. The crust was not crispy or crunchy as I would have liked it, while the meat veered on the dry side.

As much as this new breakfast was brimming with promise, I would have to say that the chicken cutlet was a tad disappointing.

Macdonalds Hotcakes With Golden Chicken 3

Not willing to give up on the dish just yet, I then paired the chicken cutlet with hotcakes as intended. I would say the flavour does improve marginally.

The margarine I slathered generously on the hotcakes helped with the rather dry cutlet too. Overall, it is a rather lacklustre addition.

Not as disastrous as their previous release, but c’mon McDonald’s you can do much better.

Date: Available now at all McDonald’s outlets

Price: From S$6.50