McDonald’s has a new Mango Cone, McFlurry and Hot Fudge Sundae

McDonald‘s has been stealthily releasing new menu items over the past few days on their website, with their latest addition— Mango soft serve.

McDonald's – A picture of the banner on the website
Credit – McDonald’s

The mango soft serve comes in four forms: Cone, Twist, Hot Fudge Sundae and McFlurry. Mango McFlurry has appeared in other countries such as Malaysia and Brunei, and has now finally made its way to Singapore’s shores.

McDonald's – A picture of the mango cone and mango twist
Credit – McDonald’s

Mango Cone (S$1.20/S$1.40/S$1.80) has a perfect swirl of creamy, aromatic mango flavours on top of the usual wafer cone.

Mango Twist Cone (S$1.20/S$1.40/S$1.80) incorporates both vanilla soft serve and decadent mango, which will be a real treat for the hot weather.

McDonald's – A picture of the mango hot fudge sundae and mango McFlurry
Credit – McDonald’s

Mango Hot Fudge Sundae (S$2.30/S$2.60) combines creamy, fragrant mango soft serve with hot, melty chocolate.

Mango McFlurry (S$3.30/ S$3.50/S$3.80) is the classic McFlurry with a Mango twist. The Oreo bits may seem out of place, but it’s a unique combination that we may grow to love.

After calling multiple outlets, different outlets gave different pricing; which resulted in the many pricing above.

Additionally, the mango desserts can only be found at Dessert Kiosks, so not all McDonald’s have them! The outlets I’ve called, Hillion Mall, Marina Square, Gardens by The Bay and JCube, have Dessert Kiosks.

As this is a limited-time menu item, do head down to get a lick before it leaves our shore.

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