McDonald’s Malaysia spices it up with Spicy Kam Heong Burgers with aromatic sauce & Minion-themed chocolate banana McFlurry

Love the taste of savoury spices and mouthwatering fragrance that is kam heong? Well you’re in for a treat. McDonald’s Malaysia has unveiled their newest creation: the Spicy Kam Heong Burger.

McDonalds Malaysia - Spicy Kam Heong Burger

Yes you read right! The all-new Spicy Kam Heong Burger is packed with grilled onions, fresh red capsicums and a mouthwatering, signature Kam Heong sauce. Sink your teeth into the crispy chicken goodness matched with flavourful, fragrant Kam Heong sauce. Not a fan of chicken? Dig into the Spicy Kam Heong Fish Burger, an appetising fish patty topped with fragrant Kam Heong sauce. We’re drooling already.

McDonalds Malaysia - burger

Feeling ravenous? Take on the Double Spicy Kam Heong Burger and get twice the satisfaction of two crispy chicken patties or two fish patties loaded with Kam Heong sauce. McDonald’s Malaysia calls their latest invention to be a dish of diverse local heritage, rich and aromatic with an unmistakably Malaysian taste.

McDonalds Malaysia - fish burger

Time to move on to the best part of any meal… dessert! And this time it comes all dressed in our favourite cute/evil mumbling blobs-in-dungarees that starred in the animated film Despicable Me. Yes, introducing McDonald’s Malaysia newest treat— the Chocolate Banana McFlurry and Banana Pie, with a sweet new Minions look!

McDonalds Malaysia - minion desserts

Head on to your nearest McDonald’s Malaysia outlet and well… go bananas!

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