myBurgerLab brings its biggest & juiciest beast, the Gojira back to Klang Valley

Are you ready to tackle the beast? You’re going to want to bring your biggest appetite to this meaty battleground as myBurgerLab is launching its most delicious attack on Klang Valley. Yes folks, the long awaited Gojira is back. Also take note vegans and vegetarians, turn back now. There’s nothing here for you.

myBurgerLab - holding a burger

So what actually is in the Gojira? Well, enough to make you salivate in seconds that’s for sure. The behemoth of a burger boasts three layers of juicy beef patties smothered in sharp cheddar cheese, myBurgerLab’s in-house teriyaki wasabi glaze and a healthy dose of creamy blue cheese dressing. All these glorious ingredients are sandwiched between two fluffy charcoal buns. You just might need the help of King Kong’s mouth to take a bite of this!

If you’re feeling intimidated by the sheer sound and look of the Gojira, fret not. Take on myBurgerLab’s Junior Jira or the Baby Jira. The difference? The Junior Jira has two layers of juicy beef patty while the Baby Jira has one. This means even those with a small appetite will get a chance at gobbling down myBurgerLab’s delicious creation.

myBurgerLab - burger
Think you have what it takes to defeat the Gojira? Head on to your nearest myBurgerLab in Klang Valley and prove your worth today. You might want to start running as the previous Gojira return was wiped out by hungry customers within just three weeks! Don’t say we bojio!