Milky Whey: We Show You Da Whey To Smoothie Bowls Under S$10 At Downtown Gallery

Smoothie bowls and protein powder have both been all the craze for quite some time now with everyone becoming increasingly obsessed with keeping trim and lean, and Milky Whey knows what’s up!

Combining the two, they pump out both protein powder-infused smoothies and smoothie bowls, so gym junkies listen closely.

Tucked away deep inside Downtown Gallery, Milky Whey can be a little hard to find at first but there are plenty of signs around to direct you to this smoothie haven.

As their name suggests, Milky Whey includes whey protein in almost everything on the menu (except the Açaí-clipse Smoothie Bowl) and I believe this is what many gym enthusiasts refer to as “gains”, but you can always opt out of it if you’d rather have it without the protein.

All smoothies are priced at $7.80 and all smoothie bowls are priced at $9.80 each. The team very kindly let us try all eight items on the menu, so here’s a comprehensive round-up of what we thought about Milky Whey!

We had a go at the smoothies before the bowls and first up was the Kepler-B3RR1 (read as Kepler Berry) ($7.80). This blend consisted of blueberries, mango, low-fat yoghurt, homemade sugar-free almond milk, orange juice and optional organic vanilla whey protein.

Don’t let it’s purple exterior fool you, it actually tastes more zesty than sweet. Everyone else thought that the orange juice was too prominent for their liking but this was a personal favourite for me! The tanginess went really well with the yoghurt and almond milk, creating a sort of milky yet slightly piquant flavour.

The Jupiter Thunder ($7.80) and Dark Matter ($7.80) were served together next.

The Jupiter Thunder consisted of banana, pineapple, organic chia seed, homemade sugar-free almond milk and optional organic vanilla whey protein.

The Jupiter Thunder was a popular favourite amongst the guys for some reason but I didn’t really have much to say about it other than its overpowering banana taste. There was a unanimous agreement that the banana, unfortunately, masked the taste of everything else inside the smoothie.

The Dark Matter had organic Açaí berries, homemade sugar-free peanut butter, banana, homemade sugar-free almond milk and optional organic cacao whey protein.

I’m a huge fan of both cacao and Açaí, so a drink that combined both definitely captured my attention. After taking my first sip, I was a little disappointed to find that I could hardly taste the raw chocolatey goodness that I had hoped for from the cacao.

We couldn’t really taste the Açaí either, which made me feel like it was there merely to give the smoothie its thick texture. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the peanut butter’s lingering aftertaste.

I was pretty shocked to find that this was the smoothie with the most calories at a shocking 628. Worth it? I think I’d have to stay true to the Kepler-B3RR1.

The last smoothie to the party was one called Comet 59 ($7.80), and boasted a mix of pink dragon fruit, strawberries, banana, honey, cinnamon, homemade sugar-free almond milk and optional organic vanilla whey protein.

My colleague swears by this one as her favourite and by the end of the tasting, she had practically already claimed this smoothie as hers (she doesn’t know that I noticed her hogging the Comet 59, but I did).

The components in the cup came together very nicely; it was thirst-quenching yet thick at the same time. A tiny issue we all had with it though was that it could probably do better with a better grade of honey as it had a weird aftertaste. 

Milky Whey 07

After we were done with the smoothies, we moved on to smoothie bowls. Our first one was the Solar Spark ($9.80) which had pineapple, banana, mango, frozen yoghurt, orange juice, optional organic vanilla whey protein and granola.

The first thing that hit us was how sour it was, but it slowly grew on us when we got used to it. Our opinions were split down in the middle for this one – half of us thought that it was pretty average but the other half said the Solar Spark found its way to one of their top favourites because the citrusy taste paired well with the granola, making it super refreshing.

Perhaps, you can try it out for yourself to determine whether you’re team yay or nay.

The Stellar Flare ($9.80) consisted of pink dragon fruit, baby spinach, blueberries, homemade sugar-free almond milk, honey, optional organic vanilla whey protein, rolled oats, homemade chia seed pudding and tropical fruit toppings.

When eaten on its own, the base was a little bland. My colleague pointed out that the honey seemed to be the saving grace of this bowl, elevating the flavours of its counterparts too.

We all highly anticipated the Earth Cleanse 2.0 ($9.80) because of its interesting cucumber base. It had Japanese cucumber, baby spinach, homemade sugar-free almond milk, optional organic coconut whey protein, coconut cream, granola, homemade chia seed pudding and tropical fruit toppings.

This was particularly invigorating because of the cucumber and spinach, without the cloying sweetness of all the other fruit-based smoothies. The coconut flavours are strong with this one though, go for something else if you’re not a fan.

This was the winning smoothie bowl for me but then again, I’m the kind of girl that enjoys kale and celery juice, so if you can relate then we can probably shake on this one.

Milky Whey 10

Our very last smoothie bowl for the night was the Acai-clipse ($9.80), which had organic Açaí berries, bananas, handmade sugar-free peanut butter or almond butter, coconut flakes and granola.

We learnt that the little pine cone-shaped toppings were actually mulberries, and they tasted kind of like chewy raisins. One colleague described this bowl as taking him on a journey; starting with the savoury almond butter, then sour from the mulberries and finally ending with the Açaí’s sweet aftertaste.

Before we left, the team at Milky Whey let us all have a taste of their Homemade Almond Butter ($12 for a jar), made purely with almond, butter and salt as a natural preservative.

Because it’s naturally made, a jar of this can be kept for up to three months if unopened. It was generally yummy, but to put it in my colleague’s words, “they can afford to chill on the salt”.

They’ve also included the estimated calorie and energy count per item on the menu, you can really tell these smoothies were crafted to become your work out companion.

I’d say the smoothies and bowls here are pretty reasonably priced considering how Açaí bowls can easily cost up to $15, so $9.80 for a huge bowl is quite a steal. Plus, you can even opt in for the protein whey at no additional cost.

Expected Damage: $7.80 – $9.80 per pax

Milky Whey: #03-31, Downtown Gallery, Shenton Way, 6A 068815 | Opening Hours: 8am – 7pm (Mon-Fri) | Facebook | Instagram