Momiji Shabu Shabu (Shaw Plaza): Singapore Japanese Restaurant Review

Eat to your heart’s content.


Nestled in Balestier Shaw Plaza is Momiji Shabu Shabu, the first ever in Singapore to serve up a comforting meal of collagen hotpot buffet-style. Collagen, a well-known protein amongst the beauty lot, is readily served here and promises lots of it.

Since our  bodies constantly reduce the amount of naturally produced collagen as we age, we can make it up through consuming it. Filling your stomach whilst getting supple skin sounds like a good idea to me.


Momiji Shabu Shabu offer a wide range of hotpot ingredients to go with any broth of your choice. Not only that, they are now introducing three new broth bases to spoil you further. You can now choose from mala, tomyum or herbal chicken soup.


Momiji Shabu Shabu is currently running a lunch promotion set, at only $21.90 for 2, it comes with a wholesome platter of vegetables, mushrooms and a trio of in-house minced meat paste, which is made up of kimchi meat paste, cuttlefish meat paste and minced pork meat paste.

Shown here is the tom yum soup base. It is the option for those who want something spicy but not able to tolerate the fiery mala soup base. Do not be fooled by its light broth, the chilli padi and tom yum paste will leave you perspiring. Having a slight tangy punch from the kaffir limes, this soup base is an invigorating experience.

How can there not be meat? You can choose from either beef or pork collar shabu shabu as well. Pair your cooked ingredients with four special sauces – tangy yuzu, sweet and sour ponzu, rich and salty miso or the nutty and fragrant black sesame sauce. If that is not enough for your voracious appetite, you can opt for the buffet style hot pot as well.


There’s buffet style lunch, brunch and dinner at affordable prices. Prices vary accordingly. To add on, senior citizens and kids get to enjoy a concession rate.


If you are too hungry to wait for the hotpot to heat up, there are various dishes such as fried rice, an assortment of sushi and ikura chawan mushi that are ready to consume, making the wait a less painful one. Variety is a recurring theme here, there is  a drink kiosk that offers coffee, tea, teh tarik, milo, green tea, I could go on…


Momiji Shabu Shabu is extremely well stocked and I’m talking about all the hot pot essentials. They have got a wide array of vegetables, fish balls, bamboo meat paste and seafood such as octopus, clams and fish. See what I mean about eating to your heart’s content?


But of course how could I miss out the highlight of the meal? Shabu shabu meats imported from Australia and Brazil. Both pork and beef options are available.


This is the spicy mala soup base together with the lunch promotion set. The broth is made up of a generous portion of chilli and leek. Staying true to the authentic Sichuan recipe, this broth definitely brought spiciness to a whole new level for me. It is rich and almost earthy, giving the extra kick to all the hotpot ingredients.


Much dedication has been put into production of the collagen pudding by simmering kampong chicken bones for six hours till they are fully dissolved. To add more nutrition and flavour, fresh vegetables are added to the broth before cooling it down into pudding form.

This wholesome and light herbal chicken broth base is prepared with goji berries and eight types of chinese herbs, a healthy and nourishing option for anyone looking for a non spicy broth. I really liked the broth, it’s sweet and aromatic. When the beef is cooked in it, there is an enhancement in flavour but the taste still remains light.


Desserts and fruits are available as well. Momiji Shabu Shabu understands that a meal simply doesn’t end properly if there aren’t any desserts because, let’s be honest, there is that extra compartment for dessert no matter how full.

Their desserts range from eclairs to cakes to ice cream and peanut mochi. Also, don’t neglect the alley on the far right, there is black sesame paste, red bean soup and ginko nuts available.


You can even make your own Belgian waffles with the waffle machine there. Top it off with your favourite choice of ice cream and feast away. There’s no guilt in eating as long as you are happy.

At the price that you are paying, this meal is definitely value for money. I do suggest to first have the herbal chicken soup before moving to the spicier ones if you are changing broths. That way, you can enjoy each broth more thoroughly.

Expected Damage: $15 – $30 per pax

Momiji Shabu Shabu: Shaw Plaza, 360 Balestier Road  #04-01, Singapore 329783 | Website