Morton’s Launches Their Million Dollar Burger (Well, it’s $45 really)


Morton’s of Chicago in Singapore is basically celebrating its 17th anniversary in Singapore by bringing back their iconic Million Dollar Burger.

Not known by most people, Morton’s although famous for their steaks, was actually founded based on a burger. One of the restaurants original foudners, Klaus Fritsch was a chef at Playboy club in Montreal. His future business partner Annie Morton, was served Klaus’ signature hamburger and it was so amazingly good that it was dubbed the ‘Million Dollar hamburger’. The pair then went on to create Morton’s the steakhouse.

Before we go straight into the Million Dollar burger, we also tried some of their other signature bites.


Petite Fillet Mignon Sandwiches. Served with Mustard Mayonnaise, this is the famous steak sandwich that gets served free flow during Mortini Happy Hour. Buttered bun with a lean, tender beef, it looks surprisingly small but will get you full in no time after a few of these babies.


Mini Crab Cake BLTs. Three Crab Cakes Served on Silver Dollar Rolls with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mustard Mayonnaise.


For a mix of sweet seafood and salty bacon, this is the burger to go for. Great alternative for guests who can’t take beef.


Million Dollar hamburger ($45). This decadaent Million Dollar hamburger patty is made with the finest USDA Prime beef, topped with thick slices of foie gras and hunks of braised short rbs.

A black truffle butter sauce is then drizzled over the patty, and served between 2 lightly toasted brioche buns with a side of hand cut fries.


The beef patty is done medium rare and has just that right amount of moisture without drying out as with all well-done burgers. The amount of fats to lean meat is also just right, since USDA prime already comes with a larger amount of fats.

Accompanied with the foie gras, short ribs and truffle butter, it can all get a bit overwhelming – each bite feels like a heart attack oncoming, but a very delicious one that is worth dying for.

I’d suggest splitting the burger amongst 2 people to share, while having some cocktails to wash down all the fats as well.

The Million Dollar burger is available both in the main dining hall as well as the bar. Read more about the steaks in our Morton’s Steakhouse Review here.

Expected Damage: $60 – $70 per pax

Morton’s Steakhouse Singapore: 5 Raffles Ave, Mandarin Oriental Hotel 4F, Singapore 039797 | Tel: 6339 3740 | Website

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