Everyone’s Favourite Mr Softee Soft Serve Is Back At Two 7-Eleven Outlets In Singapore

Remember heading to 7-Eleven after school as a child to grab yourself a cup of Mr Softee soft serve, and then finding out one day that they’ve been discontinued? The great news is that this childhood favourite has made its return to selected 7- Eleven outlets in January 2018!

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Mr Softee is a childhood favourite many are familiar with, and dearly missed. It’s a simple cup of soft serve that comes in varying flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, and even chendol. Unfortunately for chocolate lovers, the only option available in stores currently is vanilla.

The new Mr Softee machines are currently only available in two 7-Eleven outlets in Singapore: one in Choa Chu Kang, and one in Bukit Panjang. These places may be out of the way to some, but it is a distance worth travelling for a treat so dearly missed.

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This unassuming cup of soft serve is just as creamy as before and equally satisfying. Don’t be fooled, although it may look similar to McDonald’s vanilla cone or IKEA’s vanilla ice cream, it still retains that unique slightly salty taste that leaves you craving for more.

It’s also an economical option to consider if you’re looking for a cool treat on a hot day, and will cost you only $1.50 for a substantially-filled cup.

Here’s to hoping that these Mr Softee machines appear in more 7-Eleven outlets across the island. In the meantime, head to any of these two outlets to get your fix!

Expected damage: $1.50 per cup

7-Eleven’s Mr Softee: Available at Block 152A Gangsa Road, Singapore 671152 | Tel: +65 6465 0478; Block 689B Choa Chu Kang Drive, Singapore 682689 | Tel: +65 6219 2368 | Open 24 Hours Daily

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