Revolutionise your hot pot experience with MTOY Automatic Lifting Hot Pot

Last Updated: March 8, 2021

Written by Felicia Koh

The 15 days of Lunar New Year might have passed but that doesn’t necessarily mean that feasting on hot pot must come to an end. Like me, if you are a hot pot addict, there is a new product that will possibly change the way you consume homecooked hot pot meals forever. Introducing the MTOY Automatic Lifting Hot Pot (S$87.90).

Recognised by many for its multi-functional design, the MTOY Automatic Lifting Hot Pot is more than just your regular steamboat pot. With its split level design, you can also choose to steam your ingredients at its top compartment and at the same time, cook staples such as rice or porridge via the bottom section. 

Ever experience overcooking your hot pot ingredients? With the MTOY Automatic Lifting Hot Pot, say goodbye to overcooked meats with the use of the automatic lifting filter steaming rack. Made using food grade 304 stainless steel, the high-temperature resistant rack filters all the cooked ingredients from the soup stock with just one press of a button to avoid prolonged cooking. This results in a cleaner tasting broth with reduced purines, which is proven to be healthier for both the young and old. 

Available in two gorgeous pastel colours—blue and pink, the four litres large electric hot pot easily feeds up to six diners in a sitting. With separable body parts, not only is it easy to clean, but it can also be kept without any difficulty. 

The MTOY Automatic Lifting Hot Pot comes with a touch panel design with intelligent touch controls that are easy to understand and navigate. With five-gear firepower, you can now cook according to your preference without any inconvenience. 

Tempted already? Then head over to Shopee to make your purchase right now. Whether you are cooking a meal just for yourself or enjoying a communal meal with your friends and loved ones, this is one kitchen appliance that will surely revolutionise the way you consume hot pot in the future. 

Date & Time: N.A. 

Price: S$87.90 per set on Shopee

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