Build your own Nissin cup noodles from scratch — you just can’t eat it

I crown myself as the princess of many food items—and instant noodles is just one of them. There are few things that beat the sweet familiarity of sodium and hypertension entering your body in the form of the dependable instant ramen.

That’s why, when the Nissin x Uniqlo Collaboration T-Shirt line first hit Singapore stores, I received no less than fifteen forwarded messages from friends informing me of the delight. In true Japanese fashion, Nissin once again brings us the gratifying mix of cute and weird that is the 1:1 Scale Cup Noodle Plastic Model.

Nissin Cup Noodles 1
Nissin Cup Noodles 3

No glue or adhesives are needed for this recreation, so one can say that it’s completely idiot-proof—well, at least the conventional definition of idiocy, it’s hard to tell nowadays.

Put together the iconic Nissin Cup Noodle packaging by following instructions and pasting stickers, but what really impresses is the great attention to detail.

Best Hit Chronicle 2

Often glossed-over details such as the little nuances in the plastic ramen and tiny warning labels are perfectly mimicked in the “Best Hit Chronicle” cup noodle model.

Best Hit Chronicle 4

Amazingly, it seems hard to tell real from fake upon the model’s completion—a testament to the product’s hyperrealism.

Date: Available now

Price: S$32 on Shopee

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