Fully vaccinated persons can now apply for the ‘vaccine passport’ on Notarise — here’s how

According to a study by The Straits Times, 3,505,975 Singaporeans have been fully vaccinated as of 2 August 2021, making that 63% of our population. This means we’re well on track to achieving our vaccination goal of two-thirds by National Day, 9 August 2021.

Screengrab of Notarise website on vaccination passports
Credit – Screengrab of Notarise website

With vaccination numbers growing healthily, it’s may be a safe time to get our hopes for travel up, even if it’s  only temporary. I know, we’ve been disappointed time and time again, and at this point, we’ve been bitten so many times, many of us have just given up the concept of anticipation altogether.

However, the ray of light comes by way of Notarise, a local government agency site which will grant you your Pre-Departure Test (PDT) or Vaccination HealthCerts, which will be digitally authenticated and endorsed by MOH. To put it simply (and excitedly), it’s the long-coveted “vaccine passport” of our desires for the fully vaccinated.

Screengrab of Notarise website on vaccination passport
Credit – Screengrab of Notarise website

Step 1: Select document type (PDT/Vaccination Cert)

The current options are, as mentioned, the Pre-Departure Test (PDT) Certificate or Vaccination Certificate.

Step 2: Login (if needed) & perform email verification 

Those opting for the PDT Certificate, you will need to upload your COVID-19 test results in the .oa file format, and PDF files are not accepted. Vaccination Certification hopefuls can apply by signing into your SingPass account and proceeding from there.

Step 3: Fill up the form 

Step 4: Submit & await email notification

Do note that the use of these digital certificates is subject to the prevailing regulations of the destination country, so it’s not a cookie cutter solution for just about any country you wish to step foot in.

Apply for your PDT or Vaccination Certificates here.

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