At S$2.20, Salted Yam’O from Old Chang Kee is probably Singapore’s cheapest ‘mooncake’

Salted Yam O 2

From traditional baked to snowskin and even mirror glazed, I’m pretty sure mooncakes of different variations have been flooding your social media feed. If you are not a fan of mooncakes, yet still crave for a treat to go with your cup of Chinese tea under the full moon, then give Old Chang Kee’s Salted Egg Yam’O (S$2.20) a try. 

Salted Yam O 1

Specially curated in celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, the Salted Egg Yam’O will be available at all Old Chang Kee outlets islandwide from now till 1 October 2020

A play on the Teochew spiral thousand layer orh nee mooncake combined with their signature curry puff, this golden brown parcel mimics the shape of a full moon surrounded by a ring of pleated skirt.

Salted Yam O 4

Deep-fried to perfection, the skin encasing the entire pastry was crusty, crumbling into bits the moment I cut into it. Complementing the rich and buttery shortcrust pastry was a generous amount of yam filling alongside a yellow salted egg yolk centre.

Salted Yam O 6

As a fan of orh nee, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture of the yam paste in the Salted Egg Yam’O. It was smooth and not cloyingly sweet, going hand in hand with the slightly gritty and luscious yolk. 

Both flavours paired well with neither overpowering the other, resulting in a snack which I will gladly savour in replacement of a typical mooncake, anytime.

Salted Yam O 7 Online

To complete your celebration, Old Chang Kee is also offering a seven-course Prosperous Mid-Autumn Celebration Set at just S$68++. Able to feed up to five adults, this set not only consists of our favourite Old Chang Kee snacks, it also includes an entire Soya Sauce Chicken and Golden Pumpkin Yam Rice.

If you are looking for something savoury to go with your mooncake during your upcoming gathering, look no further as Old Chang Kee will definitely have a treat to delight both the young and old. Every order of the Prosperous Mid-Autumn Celebration Set also entitles you to two free 1.5-litre seasonal drinks. So, what are you waiting for?

Date & Time: Salted Egg Yam’O is now available at all Old Chang Kee outlets | To order the Prosperous Mid-Autumn Celebration Set, call +65 6555 0055 or email to [email protected]

Prices: S$2.20 for Salted Egg Yam’O, S$68++ for Prosperous Mid-Autumn Celebration Set