10 best spots in Paragon for snacks after a bougie shopping session

To the majority of Singaporeans, Paragon Shopping Centre is one of the bougiest shopping malls around. With many branded stores like Gucci and Longchamp, it has earned itself the image of a shopper’s utopia. Thankfully, Paragon is also home to many cafes and restaurants perfect for a little breather. Here are the best spots in Paragon Shopping Centre to get some snacks after a bougie shopping session.

10 Best in Paragon — Interior of Mall

This 6-storey mall is definitely a must-visit for folks in search of premium goods and services. It is especially convenient for tourists who are staying at nearby apartments and hotels. After a long shopping session, you need a spot to recharge and grab a bite. These places will be perfect for just that!

1. Boulangerie Asanoya (#B1-K27)

10 Best in Paragon — Boulangerie Asanoya

With a solid 90-year history, Boulangerie Asanoya expanded from just 1 outlet in 2014 to having 3 as of 2023. And its popularity is no surprise, like, who doesn’t like Japanese bread? If that itself doesn’t convince you, the smell wafting from the stall definitely lures the unaware passerby.

10 Best in Paragon — Spread at Boulangerie Asanoya

This classic bakery has built a reputation on their authentic Japanese flavour, thanks to their imported ingredients like the azuki red beans used in their Hokkaido An Pan (S$3.70). Folks are sure to enjoy all that hefty red bean filling in each bite, I know I definitely did. 

Though, the must-try definitely has to be their Shokupan collection. A hard favourite would be the Matcha Swirl Shokupan (S$9.50 per loaf), an exclusive signature available only in Singapore. With embedded white chocolate chunks, this Shokupan delivers on the perfect combination of matcha and white chocolate, tasting just like sweetened condensed milk. Sounds amazing with some coffee for a golden duo.

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2. Le Shrimp Ramen (#B1-42)

10 Best in Paragon — Le Shrimp Ramen

Featuring fusion Japanese-Chinese cuisine, Le Shrimp Ramen is another spot with several outlets all over Singapore (4, to be precise). It is definitely one of the first ramen joints to offer shrimp broth, which is their specialty. Using the authentic Chinese la mian noodles with Japanese broth, the restaurant focuses on bringing the merits of both cuisines in one!

Top Best In Paragon — Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen

Their Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen (S$18.90) is said to be the way to gain the most of the restaurant’s experience, however there are other options like Braised Pork Rib Shrimp Ramen (S$14.90) if one prefers protein other than seafood. 

For the non-seafood enthusiasts, do not worry as there are Tonkotsu-based ramens as well. After a long simmering session with pork bones, that broth is creamy and rich in collagen that most are sure to enjoy. The Fish Fillet with Pickled Vegetable Tonkotsu Ramen (S$16.30) has a unique lightness thanks to the pickled vegetables, definitely for the folks who prefer it less jelak.

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3. Halcyon & Crane (#03-09)

10 Best in Paragon — Halcyon & Crane

Having just opened in 2022, this cafe is one of the freshest on our list. Halcyon & Crane serves not just Western fare, but dabbles in fusions with Japanese and Spanish cuisine. Founded by the same group behind the fusion restaurant Birds of a Feather, you can expect the same standard right in Halcyon & Crane.

10 Best In Paragon — Halcyon & Crane Food

For a light snack to boost energy, the Chorizo Shakshuka (S$26) is sure to do just that. This spicy tomato stew is perfect to spread on the sourdough toast, just enough to be energised and none of that food coma. Of the dessert variety, their Nutella & Banana French Toast (S$23) will definitely make sweet-tooths clean their plates. 

I have to say, it would be a shame to miss out on any drinks whilst you dine here. With an intriguing selection from boozy beverages like Earl Grey Martini (S$23) to caffeinated ones like Grape Cold Brew (S$14), there is quite an array to choose from. This is no doubt the perfect place to get some brunch before continuing your shopping adventures!

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4. Kuroki (#05-03)

10 Best in Paragon — Kuroki

For all the folks who are absolutely addicted to yakiniku (like me), Kuroki will satisfy your meat cravings. Famous for their premium quality meats from Japan and Australia, this yakiniku restaurant aims to provide a dining experience that’ll leave you coming back for more.

10 Best In Paragon — Kuroki Platter

Their most raved-about menu item is definitely their Kuroki Tasting Platter (S$115 for 2 pax, S$215 for 4 pax), containing 5 cuts of wagyu with an assortment of vegetables for balance. Fun fact, Kuroki is founded by Sushi Tei, so you can rest assured that the quality is fresher than ever! 

Along with an excellent yakiniku place, this may also be your next go-to office dinner spot thanks to their private dining rooms that can fit a max of 12 people. With many comments squealing about how excellent the service and food were, every yakiniku fanatic will be tempted to head down very soon.

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5. Matchaya (#B1-K4)

10 Best in Paragon — Matchaya

All the matcha fans will be pleased to know that the iconic Matchaya is on this list. Being one of the top legit matcha places out there, this tea joint in Paragon is sure to give a much-needed caffeine shot. Every ingredient had been carefully sourced from Japan, each having proven authenticity.

10 Best In Paragon — Matchaya goods

Obviously, the Matcha Milk (S$5.80 for hot, S$6.30 for cold) and Hojicha Milk (S$5.80 for hot, S$6.30 for cold) are the classics that won’t go wrong. Well-versed matcha enthusiasts will enjoy the premium Signature Koicha Milk (S$8.50 for hot, S$9 for cold) which is made using top-end ceremonial grade matcha. 

As for Matchaya’s snack variety, many rave for their Matcha Choux Puff (S$5) which is packed with an abundance of authentic matcha flavour. The thin crust of the puff had a delightful textural contrast to the smooth cream within, giving an ‘explode in your mouth’ moment. 

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6. PAUL (#02-09/K1)

10 Best in Paragon — PAUL

As someone who has frequented PAUL for a long time, it is not so difficult to imagine why it makes this list. Specialising in viennoiseries and French pastries, this particular cafe has built quite a reputation for being an excellent place for a quick snack.

10 Best In Paragon — PAUL food

I can say with almost complete certainty that PAUL’s croissants —  Butter (S$4.10) and Chocolate (S$4.30) are fantastic. With a spread of the tangy fruit jam and butter provided while dining in, the crunch of that laminated pastry crust just hits the sweet spot. For a more hearty meal, their All Day Breakfast selection has a range of 10 great items to choose from.

What’s a cafe without some sweets? The classic Berries Crème Brûlée (S$12.90) makes a wonderful treat, the sour from the berries complementing the creamy richness of the custard. What makes this cafe’s creme brulee a cut above the rest has to be the inclusion of actual vanilla beans rather than vanilla extract, giving a whole new depth of vanilla flavour.

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7. Colonial Club Signatures (#B1-43)

Colonial Club Signatures

Of course, local Singaporean cuisine must be included and what better choice than Colonial Club Signatures? In this snazzy black and white eatery at Paragon, a wide selection of local delights like laksa and satay will cater to your localised cravings.

Colonial Club Signatures Nasi Lemak Tower

Want a classic Singaporean staple that is insta-worthy? The Signature Nasi Lemak Tower (S$17.90) is just that, plated in an intriguing tower form. Fragrant butterfly pea coconut rice gives that blue-hued colour that is stacked with a multitude of different coloured nasi lemak ingredients. This dish allows you to appreciate it with both sight and taste.

Colonial’s Chicken and Prawn Laksa (S$11.90) was milky, thanks to the abundance of coconut milk. For those who adore a tad of heat, this laksa is on the spicier side because of their chilli paste. Did I mention that this place is halal-certified?

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8. Baker’s Brew (#05-46)

Baker's Brew

Besides their conventional cakes, this particular Baker’s Brew outlet at Paragon offers a full food menu to the masses. Parents or aspiring bakers, you are also in luck! This cafe happens to have a studio that holds regular baking classes, which can provide excellent entertainment for the little ones or thorough lessons for bakers in the making.

Baker's Brew Crab Mix Benedict

A fascinating main dish is the Crab Mix Benedict (S$20), which is exactly what it sounds like — eggs benedict except with authentic crab rather than the usual smoked salmon. I adored how the crab mix mayonnaise had spring onions as well as diced chillis to give the crab benedict more of a kick. 

Personally, I think it is a crime to go to a cake shop without getting some cake as dessert! Popular options are the OGs flavours like Ondeh Ondeh (S$8.20 per slice) and Earl Grey Lavender (S$8.20). To me, the Strawberry Watermelon Mousse Cheesecake (S$9.50) sounds like a rather refreshing treat after a hot day.

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9. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck (#05-42/45)

Imperial Treasures Super Peking Duck

Imperial Treasure is one of the restaurants that pop into any Singaporean’s head when it comes to Chinese cuisine. With a total of 14 outlets in 8 different concepts, Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck is Imperial Treasure’s roasted Peking duck brand. The irresistible smell wafting through the outside sitting area at Paragon is proof that this restaurant is doing something right.

Imperial Treasure Peking Duck

Of course, the Peking Duck (S$138 for whole) is the must-order here. With a crispy skin exterior, the interior remains enjoyably tender and then practically disintegrates in your mouth! There is a dose of theatre, too, as the chef comes to perform the carving right at your table, creating a wonderful performance. A word of advice: book this dish in advance as it is not available otherwise. 

If you prefer to eat your duck with some carbs, you cannot go wrong with the Fried Rice selection at Imperial Treasure. The Fried Rice with Barbequed Pork & Prawn in Yangzhou Style (S$28) is a crowd favourite, with well-seasoned bits of pork and equally delicious egg fried rice in every bite. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck is the perfect place to entertain guests and will earn their seal of approval.

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10. Old Seng Choong (#B1-14)

Old Seng Choong

Old Seng Choong is the newest kid on the Paragon block, having opened in Apr 2023. However, it boasts quite the long-running heritage. Founded by renowned local pastry chef Daniel Tay (who also founded the famed Cat & the Fiddle), this bakery focuses on traditional bakes with local flavours we all know and love. Your nose is sure to be in heaven, as Paragon’s Old Seng Choong is the only outlet so far where bakes are done on-site.

Old Seng Choong shelf of bakes

Because of the nation’s love for egg tarts, it is to no one’s surprise that the bestseller is the Creme Brulee Tart (S$3.90). For those over the creme brulee phase, not to worry as this tart has not just been torched from the top. Rather, the custard itself is of a lighter mouthfeel and flavour than a regular egg tart. 

For those craving some old-school snacks, this outlet has got you covered with classics like Wife Biscuit (S$2.90) and Pandan Chiffon Cake (S$22.80 for whole). However, many rave about their Truffle Char Siew (S$4.50). With so many to choose from, you are sure to bring back a boatload to share with your family.

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