Pasar malam at Bishan bus interchange with 12 food stalls open till 31 Dec 2022

With the easing of restrictions in recent times, I’m happy to see the night bazaar craze returning. Folks from Bishan, good news for you— a pasar malam next to the Bishan Bus Interchange is running from 16 to 31 Dec 2022.

bishan pasar malam - front

With an umbrella in one hand and camera in the other, I braved the evening drizzle to check out what’s available.

bishan pasar malam - skewers

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the spread of scrumptious meat skewers being sold at Mr Vadai. They had items like Chicken Skin (S$5), Sotong Head (S$5) and Chicken Liver (S$3).

If vadai is still your go-to snack, try the Ikan Biliz Vadai (S$1.50) or Masala Vadai (S$1.50). I also spotted mini versions like Chicken Vadai (S$4 for 10 pcs) and Cheese Ball Vadai (S$5 for 10pcs)— believe it or not, they had 14 varieties in total!

bishan pasar malam - stores

My favourite Hot Star stall selling Taiwanese fried chicken was there offering snacks like fried Mushroom (S$5) and Sweet Potato Fries (S$4). Don’t leave until you get their Large Fried Chicken (S$7 for 1, S$12 for 2) in flavours like seaweed, original, hot & spicy and sour plum.

Plara Sa Ding offers various Thai delights like Mango Sticky Rice (S$5), Stir Fried Hot Basil with Rice & Egg (S$7) and Tom Yum Chicken Fried Rice (S$7)— perfect if you’re missing The Land of Smiles.

bishan pasar malam - ramly burger

The quintessential Ramly Burger (S$4.50 for 1, S$12 for 3) is sold together with a plethora of other munchies such as lekor, pisang goreng and kulit (chicken skin).

bishan pasar malam - traditional snacks

Can’t resist potatoes? Get the Twist Potato (S$3 for 1, S$5 for 2) in various options like truffle, mala and salted egg. You can also get your hands on old-school street foods like Taiwan Sausages (S$1.50), Oyster Cake (S$3.50), Herbal Egg ($1) and Kachang Puteh (S$2).

bishan pasar malam - traditional snacks stall

After taking in all of the savoury treats, why not quench your thirst with some Summer Coconut Milk Shake ($5), Thai Mango Milk Tea (S$3 – S$5) or 100% homemade pineapple lemon tea?

bishan pasar malam - drinks stall

After shopping at Junction 8 next door, end off your day by visiting this pasar malam next to Bishan Bus Interchange for some snacks or desserts.

You may even find the ideal plant to bring home or catch a cute plushie at the various claw machines there (if you’re lucky).

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