Woodlands pasar malam with over 14 stalls and Uncle Ringo’s carnival rides and games till 26 Feb 2023

At this point, I’m just surprised at how pasar malam hasn’t received its fair share of cultural recognition in Singapore like how chilli crab and chope-ing a table gets. Well, that’s a thought for another day as there’s a new Woodlands pasar malam, this time located at the back of Vista Point and will last till 26 Feb 2023.

Vista Point Pasar Malam - The Original Vadai

This was a much smaller affair with around 14 odd food stalls which wasn’t such a bad thing, since your mainstays such as Ramly BurgerTakoyakiOyster Puff and The Original Vadai were all present. Plus, it made for a refreshingly spacious pasar malam experience.

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Uncle Ringo

It also has half a field dedicated solely to Uncle Ringo’s rides and carnival games, though they were only operating from 6pm onwards.

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Takoyaki Stall

Since there wasn’t anything inherently new about the food stalls, I thought I’d try food that I’ve never had before. First of all, was the Okonomiyaki (S$5.50) at the takoyaki stall. I never tried the self-declared pizza as takoyaki was always my to-go option.

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Okonomiyaki

The Okonomiyaki had different fillings such as Prawn, Salmon, Crabmeat and Chicken. I was glad to have it as it tasted essentially like a flat and square takoyaki with the addition of eggs, cabbages and carrots. Move over, takoyaki!

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Thai Fried Ice Cream Roll

Up next was the Thai Fried Ice Cream Rolls (S$5) and as sad as it reads, this was my first time trying handmade ice cream despite watching about a thousand videos of them being made.

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Thai Fried Roll Ice Cream

You can choose different flavours like Oreos, BrowniesKinder Bueno and even fruits.  I opted for the Oreo-flavoured one and I found it to be just decent. It’s nowhere near a McFlurry, but I guess the showmanship made up for it.

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Indonesian Delight

Lastly, I had the Cheesy Beef Steak (S$5) from the Indonesian Delight stall that also sells Indonesian Rojak (S$5)Soup Bakso (S$6) and Tahu Telur (S$6).

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Cheesy Beef Steak

I’d suggest sticking to their Indonesian food instead, as what I had wasn’t even the good kinda bad. It was flavourless, barring the sauces, which disintegrated the bread and I could have sworn I saw my cooked beef “steak” being pulled up from some bucket with no warming done. Avoid.

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Rides

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Vista Point Pasar Malam - Rides

Unsurprisingly, the rides were very children oriented and similar were the games, though I think it makes for a plan-free family outing and for some unfortunate boyfriends— a second shot at Valentine’s Day, perhaps?

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Vista Point Pasar Malam - Rides

Vista Point Pasar Malam - Vista Point Pasar Malam - Rides

Having said that, I do miss the dozen arcade cabinets that pasar malams used to have with games such as Street Fighter or Marvel VS Capcom blaring on the speaker. Next Woodlands pasar malam, perhaps?

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