The Passive Aggressive Candle Shop for smelling good and pettiness

Oh yes—let the games begin. You know all that good stuff about communication, honesty and openness? Scratch that, give ‘em the old passive-aggressive treatment, and nothing screams petty that a slow-burning soy candle to show your displeasure.

Picture of jealousy Passive Aggressive Candle

Passive Aggressive Candle Shop is exactly what you’d expect. They sell three candles, and instead of calming and enticing names like Lavender Fields or Summer Sunrise, we have The Jealousy Candle (S$19.90). Did you partner ‘accidentally’ like some hottie’s photo on Instagram? Or were they maybe a little too hung up on an ex?

Let’s not talk about our feelings and insecurities, and instead, this citrus lime candles will let them know just how sour you feel about it. After all, the acid that burns in these candles can’t match the one setting aflame in you.

picture of hangry candle Passive Aggressive Candles

Wait, is that bacon you smell? Uh-huh, that’s because you kept me waiting for 20 minutes for my food. Understandably, I would use the Hangry Candle (S$19.90) that’s spiked with bacon fragrance oil just to torture you (and myself) just a little longer. Now, we both can’t have the bacon.

Passive Aggressive Candles 1

The last one in Passive Aggressive Candle Shop is the pinnacle of the Land of Passiva Aggresiva, and it’s the Anger Candle (S$19.90). Oof, you’ve done it now we’re mad, and we have a candle to expound on all that rage.

As that little flame flickers, let the spicy ginger and black pepper fill the room so that your partner knows just the extent of your wrath. What’s even better is if they happen to hate the scent of ginger, I know the pettiness is at an all-time high here.

Jokes aside, I’m sure these candles do what they set out to do and make an excellent gag gift. After all, what’s a good relationship without a little humour?