The Pelican Seafood Boil Brings a Bucket of Seafood Goodness| 1-for-1 Entertainer Offer

pelican one fullerton The Pelican Seafood Bar and Grill resides at One Fullerton, with a picturesque view of the Marina Bay skyline. A sleek laid back ambiance, The Pelican provides a classic East Coast American cuisine consisting of premium seafood and grill selections. pelican seafood restaurant singapore The Pelican Deck If you take the alfresco area, you get to enjoy the breeze (or humidity, depending on the weather) and a good scenic sight of the bay. Really gets you in the seafood mood to be right beside salty waters. pelican boil one fullerton restaurant Recently introduced is the newly conceptualized The Pelican Boil where seafood comes in a bucket and poured onto the table – no utensils given, providing a rustic experiences of enjoying food through your bare hands. Priced at $128 per set, The Pelican Boil serves 2 to 3 persons. veuve cliquot champange pelican boil promo Limited from the month of July and August, enjoy a bottle of complimentary bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne with every purchase of 2 sets of The Pelican Boil. Fresh seafood is boiled in The Pelican’s in-house broth, bringing a comfy, homey taste without compromising on the freshness of the sea catches. Indeed it is only lightly seasoned, complimenting the taste of ocean. pelican seafood restaurant singapore utensils

Entire tables are linted with mahjong paper and a bucket of tools for you to dissect your seafood. Pelican seafood boil one fullerton Pelican seafood boil singapore The Pelican Boil ($128, serves 2-3 pax). The Pelican Boil is a whole bucket of boiled seafood goodies consisting of Dungeness crab, Boston lobster, prawns, clams, mussels, corn cobs and baked potatoes. When the staff approached us with a metal bucket and emptied the contents, it was an instant ‘Whoa’ moment for everyone at the table.

Well, time to push aside any thoughts about your cholesterol level. Lemon is also served for you to squeeze all around for some acidity. The photos you see are 3 buckets worth by the way, all on 1 table. Pelican restaurant seafood pelican one Fullerton lobster The simplest, underrated item on the table: Corn. I found the corn cobs satisfyingly sweet and could easily have a couple of these at one go. If you are tired of handling all the crustaceans, pop a lightly garnished baby red potato for a carbo fix. It can get a bit exhausting to be constantly peeling apart shell after shell, really. pelican seafood boil finish

The aftermath of empty shells. As a big eater, The Pelican Boil probably would be enough to share with just one more person. I found the portions too little to feed three hungry stomachs. Probably not the best thing to order on a romantic first date if you want to look prim and proper and not like a hungry savage like us, but definitely a different eating experience with friends after a long day at work. The Pelican Boil bucket is only available on Saturdays.

Expected Damage: $75 per pax

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill: 1 Fullerton Road, #01-01, One Fullerton, Singapore 049213 | Tel: 65360954 | Website