SEED@Social Innovation Park Guide: 7 Yummy Container Eateries With Amazing Social Causes To Support While Dining At Punggol

Container food parks in Singapore have been pretty popular, one of such is Timbre+, but it’s far and inconvenient for a North-Eastie like me to head down. So I was pretty happy when I heard that a total of seven container eateries opened at Tebing Lane in Punggol.

Each of these containers hold a social mission message that supports different social causes, such as providing employment for low income families, single mothers and ex-offenders.

Here are seven container eateries you should check out at SEED@Social Innovation Park to dine for a good cause!

1. Pump Station 1965

Pump Station 1965-1Decorated with petrol brands and seats made from oil drums, Pump Station 1965 gives off an industrial vibe with its metallic and wood furnishing. The bistro sticks to its motto of ‘Supporting Sustainable Living‘ as ex-offenders are given a valuable second chance here.

With almost all the dishes under $20, Pump Station is a nice place to just kick back and have a pint of beer while enjoying the scenery of Punggol Serangoon Reservoir.

Pump Station 1965-2

The food’s not too shabby either, the Dong Po Pork Belly ($12.90) was sweet, salty and flavourful. Its fat melted in my mouth and the sweet sauce from the tender meat kept things interesting.

Paired with a Asahi Super Dry Black ($9/half pint, $14/pint), it was an awesome beer grub, being greasy and delicious. If you’re hungry for more, the Seafood Soba ($15.90) is pretty decent too.

Pump Station 1965 | Tel: 6592 1956 | Facebook | Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs 5pm – 1am, Fri – Sat 5pm – 2am 

2. Boost@Banks

Punggol Container Bistro Part 2-4
With Boost@Bank‘s container painted in black and decorated with a giant dartboard & beer glass on its store front, it’s not difficult to guess the meaning behind their social mission message — which is to ‘strengthen communities‘ through their refreshing drinks and games.

Punggol Container Bistro Part 2-3

Serving Stella Artois and Hoegaarden draft beer in the Punggol area, the prices are surprisingly affordable. Feel free to choose from one pint of ice cold Stella Artois or Hoegaarden($10 during Happy Hour, $16 Regular), five bottles of Carlsberg or Heineken ($36 during Happy Hour).

Punggol Container Bistro Part 2-2

Old school Dart games($1 per round) are also available. So go ahead and spend some quality time here with your buddies.

Boost@Banks | Tel: 8818 3210 | Facebook | Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs 3pm – 1am, Fri – Sat 3pm – 2am

3. Leung Kee Healthy Dessert

Punggol Container Bistro Part 2-5

Originating from Guangzhou, Leung Kee serves authentic and delicious oriental desserts. The pastel yellow container screams vibrance and for ‘Living Mindfully‘, with an interesting scheme of ‘paying it forward‘.

Customers can opt to pay an extra few dollars on top of their bill to buy a dessert for the next customer and hopefully, he/she will do the same.

Punggol Container Bistro Part 2-6

While it specialises in Hong Kong-style Shaved Ice Sherbets, traditional hot desserts and local-inspired flavours are available too. The generous portion of Mao Shan Wang Sherbet ($11.90) comes with a decadent durian paste, aloe vera cubes and yogurt boba that explodes in your mouth.

Leung Kee Healthy Desserts | Facebook  | Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 5pm – 11pm, Sat – Sun 3pm – 12am

4. Big Fish Small Fish

Big Fish Small Fish-1

Fish and chips in Singapore usually utilise dory fish fillets, but here at Big Fish Small Fish, I was awed by the variety of fish that I could choose. To ‘Promote Inclusivity‘, this place offers DIY fun in eating on top of hiring underprivileged individuals.

I decided on Salmon Fish And Chips ($12.90) because I’ve never had salmon in the form of fish and chips before. It also came with chips seasoned with paprika.

Big Fish Small Fish-2

Four different sauces are available in a selection of cheese, salted egg, XO sauce, and of course, the classic tartar. My favourite would be the XO sauce, again because of the novelty of having it with Fish and Chips. The fish was flakey and moist, with a light and crispy batter, pairing well with the spicy and slightly sweet XO sauce.

Home-made with russet potatoes fromThe U.S., the chips were really crispy and addictive. With free refills of sauces and chips, we really enjoyed the affordable meal.

Big Fish Small Fish | Facebook  | Opening Hours: Everyday 12pm – 1am 

5. D’Grill


I’m usually an easygoing person and don’t mind if my food takes a while to come because I understand how busy kitchens and servers can be. However D’Grill, that aims to ‘Celebrate Diversity‘, has quite a bit of room for improvement.

Customer service was non-existent; cutlery and napkins were forgotten, and we were seated at table and chairs wet from the rain earlier without anyone wiping it dry. It took 45 minutes for us to get the Junior Platter ($18) even though there weren’t that many people, and the food was average at best. To be fair, there’s no service charge.

The octopus and squid were tender and not overcooked, the prawns were still juicy and the fish was soft. The homemade ketchup sauce was the highlight of the dish, tangy with crunchy bits of onions, we enjoyed that the most. The customer service and wait time ultimately made us rather disappointed, perhaps D’Grill will improve in time after getting more experience.

D’grill | Facebook  | Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 5PM to 12AM, Fri – Sat 5Pm to 1AM 

6. L’Chaim Bistro

L'Chaim Bistro-1

If you enjoy craft beers, L’Chaim is where you should head to. The beers on tap all come from Archipelago Brewery, so you can enjoy good beers to pair with equally tasty food.

L’chaim works closely with AWARE to offer low-income women with equal opportunities.

Punggol Container Bistro Part 2-13

Apart from having fries, this huge portion of sinful Deep Fried Seafood Platter ($26) consists of fish, oysters, squids and prawns crisply coated with breadcrumbs, which is a perfect combination with the Beer Palette ($20). Make sure to grab a friend or two for this one!

L'Chaim Bistro-2

A special dish available only on Wednesdays, the Peranakan Curry Chicken w/ Rice ($15.90) was tender to the point of falling off the bone, and the curry was spicy and rich. Perfect when washed down with the in-house special Singapore Blonde Ale ($6 for half pint).

L’chaim Bistro | Facebook  |  Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 5PM – 12AM, Sat – Sun 5PM to 3AM

7. Seoul Good

Seoul Good Dessert-2

Seoul Good was probably the most Instagrammable place at Punggol Container Food Park with clean white interiors, and we were extremely grateful for the strong air conditioning inside. Using only ingredients imported from Korea and serving great authentic flavours, Seoul Good stays true to their name whilst providing jobs for those with low-income.

An item on the menu immediately caught my eye and since we were there for dessert, I decided to try the Oreo Bingsu ($15.90) with a yoghurt base.

Seoul Good Dessert-1

The shaved ice was fine and fluffy, with a hint of tanginess from the yoghurt. The condensed milk was served on the side, but I didn’t need it as the sweetness of the Oreo crumble and the banana slices were good enough for me.

Punggol Container Bistro Part 2-8

If you’re craving for some kimchi-goodness, try the Myeongdong Chicken Balls with Rice ($9.90), which was rich with a great balance of spiciness and acidity.

Seoul Good | Facebook  | Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs 5PM – 11PM, Fri – Sat 5PM – 2AM

These eateries at SEED@Social Innovation Park do not open until around 5pm, so if you’re heading down make sure its during dinner time.

Some eateries are still facing early teething issues, but other than that, I feel that many of them have great potential and I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere there, especially knowing that I’m contributing to a good cause.

Expected damage: $10-$30/pax

SEED@Social Innovation Park: 50 Punggol East, The Seed Park, Singapore 828826