Send Your Friends Sweet Treats With Witty Advice This COVID-19 Crisis

Last Updated: April 21, 2020

Written by Stacey Hong

If you remember the coronavirus-themed food that surfaced in Vietnam and Germany as well as the Toilet Roll Cakes at Breadtalk Singapore, you’d also remember cringing and thinking that these food items were made in poor taste. We’re currently wrapping up our second week of the circuit breaker and there seems to be more and more pandemic-themed food popping up, all jumping at the chance to be part of this trend. 

Famous for their bakes, Lucia Cakes managed to pull off a cheeky “quarantine twist” on their trademark brownies. Under the “Quarantine Cakes” section of their website, there is an option to purchase Quarantine Brownies at S$15

There are nine brownies in a box that’s 10cm x 10cm, making each square roughly 3cm x 3cm. Rich, moist and chocolatey, these fudge brownies are a perfect gift for you to send to that one friend with the sweet tooth. 

You can choose from six flavours available—Triple Chocolate, Salted Dark Chocolate, Yuzu White Chocolate, Biscoff, Nutella or Peanut Butter. As for the little message you can send along with these sweet treats through a custom inscription, there are seven options you can choose from. My personal favourites are “don’t be a covidiot” and “don’t hoard toilet paper” (I’m looking at you, panic-buyers). 

If friendly banter doesn’t fit the dynamics of your friendship, there are also other more uplifting and positive options you can opt for like “Sending you love” and “stay safe, stay home”.

Cakes Delight Bakery is also joining in on encouraging social distancing on their bakes. If you hop on their website, the “One Metre Away!” will definitely catch your eye. Priced at S$55 for a 5-inch cake, this yummy delight comes in eight flavours for your choosing. From Ondeh Ondeh to Hazelnut Mud Cake, there will be a flavour that tickles your fancy. 

This minimalistic cake sports a witty line across it in baby blue frosting—“keep it 10pax or get fined!”. In an attempt to remind us Singaporeans not to have large social gatherings before the circuit breaker, the cake was designed to encourage us to be socially responsible. 

Apart from this witty line, you can also choose between two different wordings—“It’s my birthday, I can invite 10 people but I only have 2 friends!” and a short to-do list for those in quarantine. Very relatable, if you ask me. 

If you’re looking for a dessert to send your friends during the circuit breaker, consider purchasing the Lucia Cakes brownies for them to try. If it’s your birthday and you’re looking for a cute, relatable customised cake, give Cakes Delight Bakery’s One Metre Away! a whirl.

Overall, I think that these messages are light-hearted and adorable, and it’s something I don’t mind gifting to my friends. Now that you’ve heard my verdict, what do you think? Is it funny and witty or just in poor taste like the others?

Dates & Times: Now available on Lucia Cakes’ website and Cakes Delight Bakery’s website

Prices: S$15 (Quarantine Brownies from Lucia Cakes), S$55 (One Metre Away from Cakes Delight Bakery)

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