Quayside Seafood CNY Menu 2015: Eight Golden Trove Review

“Auspicious, Opulent and yet Affordable CNY Dinner”

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Quayside Seafood Restaurant is one of the best place to dine al fresco in the historic precinct of Clark Quay. Located in the heart of one of the most popular dining and entertainment quarter of Singapore, you can dine on Clark Quay’s lili pad flooring that spans the panoramic view of this scenic section of the Singapore River.

Quayside Seafood Al Afresco Dining

Quayside Seafood’s Eight Golden Trove for this Lunar New Year is one of the most highly anticipated offering. With a good mix of visitors, locals and foreign tourists alike, Quayside will surely excite their taste buds beginning 19th January 2015, all the way till 5 March.

Quayside Seafood - Deep-Fried “Prosperous” Fresh Oysters in “Bi Fung Tang” Style

“Prosperous” Deep-fried Air-Flown Australian Fresh Oysters cooked in the Cantonese “Bi Fung Tang” style ($58.80)

The Chinese are obsessed to the nth degree about starting the year with auspicious symbolism. Quayside’s appetiser obliges this obsession with their “Prosperous” Deep-fried Air-Flown Australian Fresh Oysters cooked in the Cantonese “Bi Fung Tang” style. This is a beautifully crafted dish of oysters in their shells that has been lovingly deep-fried, and sprinkled with cut red chilli and garden spring onions.  Starting the year with an aphrodisiac is a good omen for a new year blessed with fertility.

”Bi Fung Tang 避风塘”, in Cantonese, means anchored and safe at the bay; this alludes to safety and stability.

Quayside Seafood “Lou Hei” yu-sheng singapore

‘Toss to Longevity, Triumphant Harvest and Joyous Contentment” Yu Sheng ($128.80)

The obligatory Yu Sheng is presented in an auspicious name – the ‘Toss to Longevity, Triumphant Harvest and Joyous Contentment”. This is a lavishly delicious dish that you need to toss and mix during the lou hei fanfare.

Packed with the freshest Australian lobster and slices of fresh tuna, layered with crunchy textures of conch, sea urchin and salmon roe, you are required to toss them as high as you can with your chopsticks, to mix these opulent ingredients with the humble shredded radish. This dish has a lovely hint of tangy kaffir leaves.

Beautifully plated, this Yu Sheng serves up to 8 pax.

Quayside Seafood - ‘Completeness & Overflowing Wealth’ Whole Lobster & Seafood Treasures Pen-Cai

“Completeness and Overflowing Wealth” Whole Lobster and Seafood Treasures Pen Chai ($328.80)

The next dish is a demonstration of a Chinese cuisine with a subtle Western fusion twist. The opulent “Completeness and Overflowing Wealth” Whole Lobster and Seafood Treasures Pen Chai has to be the best version that I have tried this season.

This festive pot of treasure consists of 13 lavish items as a demonstration of Chinese opulence: Whole lobster, 10-head Australian abalones, whole chicken, grouper fillets, mussels, Alaskan crab claws, king prawns, South African spikes sea cucumber, fresh scallops, shiitake mushrooms, taro, wawa vegetables and dried oysters.

This is one dish with a sight to behold, and the surprise comes from its taste, the Western element of truffle oil that has so pleasantly complimented this traditional Chinese dish that serves up to 6 diners.

Quayside Seafood - “Prosperity All Year Round” Baked Turbot Fish with Whole Garlic in Claypot “包君福贵有余”(大发财蒜子焗多宝鱼)

“Prosperity All Year Round” Turbot Fish with Whole Garlic in Claypot ($15/100g)

In the Chinese culture, the fish is a symbol of wealth and abundance. Quayside presents their “Prosperity All Year Round” Turbot Fish with Whole Garlic in Claypot, with the head and tail intact to ensure that those who eat it will have a good head start and an abundance of good luck all the way to the end of the year.

This meticulously made flatfish yields a delicate, bright white flesh and the fragrance is intensified by the roasted garlic and chives.

Quayside Seafood - “Harmonious” Claypot Prawns with Tang Hoon

“Harmonious” Claypot Prawns with Crystal Rice Vermicelli ($58.80)

Quayside’s “Harmonious” Claypot Prawns with Crystal Rice Vermicelli (Tang Hoon) symbolises longevity. The wok hei (breath of the wok) works its magic when the tang hoon is expertly fried in oyster jus with garlic and parsley. This fragrant pot of vermicelli serves 4-5 pax.

Quayside Seafood - Baked Rack of Lamb (grass-fed) accompanied by thin strips of yam deep fried, speckled with toasted sesame seeds and lightly seasoned with truffle oil

“A Wealth of Good Fortune” Baked Rack of Lamb ($78.80)

This Baked Rack of Lamb (1-day advance order required) is an unconventional offering for the Chinese New Year. I was, at first, skeptical about this dish until it reached my mouth – the carefully marinated tender lamb meat has a subtle hint of truffle oil that did the magic. Its accompanying deep fried yam made this dish such an addictive one! If you have ordered this for takeaway, you might find that it would taste even more seasoned on the following day! A must try!

Quayside Seafood’s offerings appeal to both traditionalists and non-traditionalists, in my opinion. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and I believe that Quayside’s approach in this year’s Chinese New Year offering was spot-on. I am sure that many diners, may them be tourists or the locals, would agree with me, too.

To reiterate, Quayside Seafood’s Eight Golden Trove has begun since 19th January, and will continue all the way till 5 March.  Quayside Seafood is located at the “Liang Court” end of Clark Quay, next to Tan Tye Place.

Expected damage: $50 to 80 per pax.

Quayside Seafood:  Blk 3a Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020 | Tel: 6338 3195 | Website