13 Romantic Restaurants With 1-for-1 Deals To Pamper Your Date Without Being Cheapskate

V-day (valentine’s) is almost here and you’re probably going ballistic from all the planning of gifts, fancy restaurant to dine at and how to perfect the moment. While I can’t help you with much in gifts, I can recommend some restaurants that are absolutely romantic. And won’t cost you an arm.

Even with suggestions it can remain a real headache with all the costs involved, but whoever said a perfect valentine must come at a high price hasn’t been introduced to The Entertainer App yet.

That’s because the cherry on the cake is…. 1-for-1 deals for these romantic restaurant main courses with The Entertainer App. Quality time at half the price. You’re welcome.

13. Canopy Garden Dining



Pan Seared Salmon ($24). Fancy romantic dining in the midst of lush greenery with your date? Then look no further, Canopy Garden Dining is located within Bishan Park Two, where your date and you can hideaway from the bustling city life and commit yourselves wholly to the dinner date.

It would be fun to watch the sunset together over dinner, tell me how romantic that is. I’ll make that better with 1-for-1 deals over at Canopy Garden Dining.

Canopy Garden Dining: 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569931 | Tel: +65 6556 1533 | Website

12. Pool Grill



Seared Lamb Loin ($46). Take alfresco dining to another level by bringing your date to dinner by the pool at Pool Grill by Singapore Mariott Hotel. With an extensive menu for food and drinks, Pool Grill is bound to excite your palate with their casual fine-dining concept.

Choose from brown beer tortellini to seared lamb loin inspired by traditional wellington and end the dinner sweet with their banoffee dessert. The best part is how you can get 1-for-1 deals on their main courses with the Entertainer App.

Pool Grill: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel 320 Orchard Road Singapore 238865 | Tel: +65 6831 4605 | Website

11. Sopra Cucina & Bar


Malloreddus alla Campidanese ($26). Another stellar spot to bring your date to if you’re thinking of having Italian is the first ever Sardinian restaurant in Singapore, Sopra Cucina & Bar. It is located within Pan Pacific Orchard Singapore and it offers up traditional cuisine from the Italian island of Sardinia.


Expect traditional thin crust pizzas, pastas and many more. Make it more snazzy with a bottle of wine or with their selection of Italian liquor and of course 1-for-1 main courses.

Sopra Cucina & Bar: 10 Claymore Road, #01-02, Singapore 229540 | Tel: +65 6737 3253 | Website

10. Restaurant SELA



Pan Fried Foie Gras, Braised Daikon, Nashi Pear, Nori, Lemon Miso Paste ($18). Here’s a modern Asian up and coming restaurant to look out for. It will satisfy your date’s love for Asian food, infused with European hints and that is none other than Restaurant SELA, located at the very bustling Seah Street.

Restaurant SELA offers premium quality at an affordable price, I mean, it’s foie gras at $18. And it’s just half price with 1-for-1 main courses with the Entertainer App. I don’t know about you but I’m buying the app now.

Restaurant SELA: 32 Seah Street, Singapore 188388 | Tel:+65 6337 6358 | Website

9. Kaiserhaus

kaiserhaus singapore restaurant interior

kaiserhaus capitol theatre - Adriatic Starter

Adratic Starter ($19). Is your date a big fan of Austrian fare and you’re at your wits end as to where to bring her this Valentine’s? Kaiserhaus might just be your life saver. A relatively new kid on the block, Kaiserhaus is situated in the newly refurbished Capitol Theatre.

Kaiserhaus promises indulgence fit for only an Emperor and your date is definitely royalty. Get the Entertainer App and you’re in for a treat with their 1-for-1 main course deals.

You can read our full review of Kaiserhaus.

Kaiserhaus: 17 Stamford Road, #02-06 / #03-06, Singapore 178907 | Tel: +65 6377 0013 | Website

8. The Pelican Seafood Grill & Bar

pelican seafood bar singapore-9341

pelican seafood bar singapore-9352

Trout Roe Brioche ($18). The Pelican Seafood Grill & Bar at One Fullerton will be your choice if you cannot resist a raw stash of seafood goodness. And if your date doesn’t see eye to eye to that, maybe it’s time to reconsider certain things. I kid.

The Pelican Seafood Grill & Bar promises a stunning bay view while your date and you dine in the al fresco concept of the restaurant. If you prefer, they also offer an indoor seating area within the cosy restaurant.

With 1-for-1 deals on their main courses, Pelican is a great catch. See what I did there.

You can read the full review of Pelican here.

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill: 1 Fullerton Road, #01-01, One Fullerton Hotel, Singapore 049213 | Tel: 65360954 | Website

7. Procacci Italian



Spaghetti – Kurobuta Pork Bolognaise, Broad Beans, Curried Onion Crumbs ($18). Another stunning Italian restaurant by the bay, Proccaci Italian is situated at Collyer Quay, Customs House. Procacci first opened its doors in 1885 in Florence, Italy itself and has since become renowned for their truffle-based specialities.

Till this date, it is enjoyed by all and how lucky we are to have a taste of it without having to pay the hefty sum of money for the air ticket to Florence or Milan in Italy. Chic and definitely romantic, reserve a table with the bay view and pamper your date because it is only right to do so. Save costs with their 1-for-1 main courses; similar quality, similar ambience, half the price.

Procacci Italian: 70 Collyer Quay, #01-04 Customs House, 049323 | Tel:+65 6532 9939 | Website

6. Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar


Grandma Chicken Rice, Lean Chicken Breast, stewed for 3 hours in grandma’s secret chicken broth, topped with fried egg & chinese pork sausage ($20). Are you one of them tired souls that are sick of all the modern European or Italian cuisine and all you really want is a good plate of Asian persuasion?


Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar is bound to fulfil that desire of yours and complete with bay view to wow your date away. Situated at Customs House as well, Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar offers a unique take on Asian cuisine. Expect asian touches to spaghetti, pork knuckle and many more.

Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar: 70 Collyer Quay, #01-03 Customs House, 049323 | Tel:+65 6532 1319 | Website

5. Masons



Roasted Lamb Rack with Shepherd Tartlet (seasonal). Masons at Gillman Barracks has been a popular location for weddings and tea parties, so that gives you a hint on just how appropriately romantic it can get. If you are looking to pop the question or just to treat your date like royalty, because everybody deserves to be treated that way, why not give Masons a try.

With pizzas from Verve, home-made pastas and main courses like the fish and chips or burgers, Masons definitely has something to offer your date and you, plus the ambience of course. Dine al fresco or indoors, the choice is yours. Download the Entertainer App for 1-for-1 deals on main courses to even further the pleasure.

Masons: 8 Lock Rd, Gillman Barracks, 108936 | Tel:+65 6694 2216 | Website

4. Buyan



Beef Straganov ($32). I’d bet your date would be so impressed by you for bringing her to Buyan. Buyan is one of the last remaining Russian restaurants in Singapore and it also houses the world’s oldest champagne in its wine museum.

Order a starter of caviar and relish in traditional Russian fare like the beef straganov or chicken kiev without breaking the bank because the Entertainer App is here to save your wallet with their 1-for-1 deals. Also, there’s a really comprehensive vodka selection over at Buyan, hint hint.

When making reservations, ask for the dining room complete with the bar, you won’t be disappointed. You can read the full review of Buyan here.

Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar: 9 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089593 | Tel: +65 6223 7008 | Website

3. Gattopardo



Chargrilled Calamari with Lemon and Oregano Vinaigrette ($18).

They say the soul of Southern Italy can be found in Gattopardo and so it comes at no surprise on what cuisine Gattopardo is serving. Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare, as the name suggests, is filled with sustainable seafood, the soul and life of South Italy.

Get yourself a reservation to transport your date and you to Southern Italy where the sun shines brightly and the heat isn’t too overwhelming. Take the saving game further by having 1-for-1 deals on their main courses.

Gattopardo: 34 Tras Street, Singapore 079026 | Tel: +65 9325 8843 | Website

2. Ristorante Amarone



Burrata Pugliese – Burrata cheese with mixed salad, parma ham and melon ($25). Ristorante Amarone promises fine Italian cuisine in a refined ambience and stellar service, which is exactly how you would impress your date this coming Valentine’s.

Situated in Capitol Tower on 168 Robinson Road, Ristorante Amarone has an exceedingly comprehensive menu ranging from traditionally Italian appetisers like the burrata, to Italian cult classics like the pastas, risottos and mains. How could we ever forget about tiramisu for dolci (desserts).

So why not make a reservation here, bring your date, wow her away and while you’re at it, download the Entertainer App to get 1-for-1 deals on their main courses. Double the joy at lesser cost, oh yes.

Ristorante Amarone: 168 Robinson Rd, #01- 08 / 09 / 10 Capital Tower, 068912 | Tel:+65 6423 0464 | Website

1. Senso

senso ristorante & bar-9

senso ristorante & bar-5

Cod Fillet ($48). Blow your date away at Senso, a stylish Italian restaurant on Club Street where you can dine in the courtyard, amidst the neo-classical colonial architecture with a modern touch.

Senso serves fine dining authentic Italian cuisine and their menu undergoes a seasonal rotation according to ingredients available, to present only the best in quality.

You can read our full review on Senso here.

Now take all of that and divide the amount by half because the Entertainer App is going to do just that for you with their 1-for-1 deals on main courses.

Senso Ristorante & Bar: 21 Club Street, Singapore 069410 | Tel: 6224 3534 | Website


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