Senja Hawker Centre finally opens with 26 stores featuring Michelin-plated & renowned hawker stalls

The long-awaited opening of Senja Hawker Centre has officially come. Bukit Panjang residents will be sure to have a huge feast at the newly opened hawker knowing that it serves a fare of affordable options that vary from fame to tradition.

Senja Hawker Centre by Kopitiam officially opened its doors on 11 Dec 2022. Now home to several famous stall names and many new additions, its motto amongst all stores is encompassing affordability for all. The selection of stores here could probably be a showcase of hawker all-stars, like China Whampoa Homemade Noodles while including newbies to the hawker scene like Onigirazudon.

Senja Hawker Centre 1

As I entered the hawker centre, I was surprised to see high ceilings and huge ceiling fans. The hawker centre was extremely ventilated, unlike traditional old-school hawker centres with stalls scattered all over the place. It was more reminiscent of a kopitiam instead of the usual hawker centre.

Senja Hawker Centre 2

The only drink stall, Kopi Kiosk, had a snaking line that hugged the curvature of the whole store. The kopi aunty definitely had her hands shaking… not from the coffee but from the immense crowd that she needed to serve.

The first food store that caught my eye was Shi Hui Yuan, a stall very much associated with my years of growing up. Originally located at Mei Ling Street Food Centre, I’ve been eating their Braised Chicken Hor Fun (S$4.50) very often because of its proximity to my neighbourhood. I count myself lucky for the availability of a Michelin-plated store in my vicinity, which is now providing its spread of rich collagen hor fun to the people of the west!

Senja Hawker Centre 3

It is unique in flavour, and you’re unable to find this in any other hawker stall selling hor fun. Apparently, they include up to 30 herbs to reach its herbal taste— A for effort for their distinguishing feature!

Next is Jiao Cai Seafood, featuring seafood on hotplates paired with the delectable sambal. For the uninitiated, Jiao Cai Seafood’s sambal has its distinct flavour because of the years of hard work put into it. A recipe that has been faithfully abided to for 40 years old, rumour has it that people come back for their sambal.

Senja Hawker Centre 4

Try out their Salted Egg Yolk Prawn (S$18) or their Prawn Paste Chicken (S$10). Forget Newton Food Centre or Serangoon’s Chomp Chomp if you’re thinking about having a BBQ feast. Now Senja Hawker Centre’s the place with the inclusion of Jiao Cai Seafood!

Warong by Rice Garden is an interesting addition. They also have authentic Malaysian Ramly burgers available, something that is hardly attainable as a permanent item in Singapore.

Senja Hawker Centre 5

Senja Hawker Centre is the first to feature Warong Rice Garden, a halal concept by the Rice Garden Community Programme that offers halal Nasi Campur for as low as S$2.

Next is one that I’ve heard good things about, Project Penyek— serving up delicious plates of Nasi Ayam Penyet (S$6).

Senja Hawker Centre 6

Senja Hawker Centre 7

The chicken skin was crisp and fragrant while retaining moisture in the meat inside. If I were to ask my friends to describe Project Penyet, they would describe it as “Solid!”

Senja Hawker Centre 8

With the opening of Senja Hawker Centre, I am sure that this place will be the talk of the town. At 11am, the place was already thronging with people. This is me queuing at the back of the store of Amoy St Lor Mee! Cheers to the impending competitors to the local hawker scene as this is definitely a place to come! Who knows, maybe patrons can have a walk after their meals at the roof garden above in the near future. As of right now, it is still in the works.

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Senja Hawker Centre

2 Senja Close, Senja Hawker Centre, Singapore 677632

Senja Hawker Centre

2 Senja Close, Senja Hawker Centre, Singapore 677632

Operating Hours: 6am - 9pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 6am - 9pm (Daily)