Say Annyeong to Seoul Yummy’s National Day Special Gochujang Crab + New So-Myon Menu This August

I am a huge lover of Korean food, so I’m always on the hunt for different dishes to check out.

If you’re a fan of the cuisine too, you’ll be glad to know that Korean restaurant Seoul Yummy has released a National Day Special Gochujang Crab along with its newest So-Myon Menu

Seoul Yummy New Menu Online 7
Credit – Seoul Yummy Singapore

The National Day Special Gochujang Crab (S$15) will be available from 1 – 31 August 2019. Meanwhile, the So-Myon Menu is already available from now till 31 September 2019 at all Seoul Yummy outlets.

Seoul Yummy New Menu Online 1
Credit – Seoul Yummy Singapore

We Singaporeans really love our chilli crab.

Why not switch it up this National Day and give Seoul Yummy’s National Day Special Gochujang Crab (S$15) a go? The dish features in-house Gochujang sauce and fried soft-shell crabs, for a combination of sweet and spicy notes, with a crispy texture.

You can even choose to add on the crabs for only S$5.40++ to your Double Double set. The set includes one signature stew, one appetiser and one dessert (S$48.80++ for two pax).


Seoul Yummy Sm Menu
Credit – Seoul Yummy Singapore

I may say that I can eat ramen every day, but sometimes I just want to try different versions of noodles. 

Luckily, I can try these So-Myon, which are long, thin and chewy noodles that symbolise longevity, and are usually eaten during special occasions like birthdays and weddings.

Seoul Yummy New Menu Online 5
Credit – Seoul Yummy Singapore

When ordering your So-Myon, you can choose from four meat choices: Pork Belly (S$10.90++), Spicy Chicken (S$10.90++), Beef (S$12.90++) or Clams (S$11.90++). You can then opt for either Kimchi or Doenjang as your soup base.


Seoul Yummy New Menu Online 6
Credit – Seoul Yummy Singapore

If you want to #treatyourself and let your body soak up some nutritious goodness, you can try the Samgyetang So-Myon (S$13.90++) instead.

To complete your meal, top up S$3++ for Korean Dumplings and Barley Tea.

Jio your family and friends to Seoul Yummy to enjoy some So-Myon or Gochujang Crab, and celebrate Singapore’s birthday!

Dates & Times: Available from now till 31 September 2019 (So-Myon Menu), 1 – 31 August 2019 (National Day Special Gochujang Crab) at all Seoul Yummy outlets

Prices: S$10.90++ – S$15++ per item