New in town: SIA@home — This is what an S$888 meal gets you

For some, flying is arguably one of the best parts of a holiday—so I can only imagine how much this said group misses the low hum of Rolls Royce TRENT 1000 engines as they dine on SIA’s Signature Satay while cruising at 35,000 feet in the air.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many solutions to offer with regards to the last one, but with SIA@Home, one can pretty much recreate the entire curated SIA experience right from their homes. Because humidity is low at cruising altitude, the dry air can affect our taste buds—which is probably the reason why many have memories of aeroplane food tasting bland and uninspiring. Well, the good news is, you can now enjoy top-notch aeroplane food that’s actually good in all its glory.

Betty, chairperson for Discover SIA, explained that the idea was to emulate the sights, sounds, and smells of an actual Singapore Airlines flight—with the first person whom you’ll be in contact with being a cabin crew member as well. Just like what your journey would be on a plane, a flight attendant will assist you in your orders when you phone in.

Pre-meal preparations

Upon successful placement of orders, customers will receive a pre-meal link via email, where they will be able to access various links that will aid in their preparations for the SIA@Home meals. Included are heating and plating video guides, a curated music playlist, and a 360-degree walkthrough videos for all aircraft types. So whether it’s an A350 or a B777 that you were supposed to board before COVID-19 so rudely came in between, you can put on a video and pretend to make up for lost time, at least.

Every item on the menu is carefully packaged and sealed for hygiene purposes and is also packed in a way that is intuitive for plating. Even the most inexperienced in the kitchen should have no problems emulating their fondest inflight meals.

SIA@Home bookings

Starting today, airborne hopefuls can book their very own SIA@Home experience from S$288. All packages are for two pax. If you have some spare coin to drop on an ultra-luxurious meal, opt for the all-inclusive First Class package that goes at S$888, and is complete with Wedgwood dining ware, Lalique crystal glasses, Lalique sleeper suits, amenity kits, a bottle of champagne, and a choice of red or white wine.

Sia@home 4
All-inclusive Business Class Package | Credit – Singapore Airlines

As of 2pm today (5 October 2020), there have already been 57 bookings, of which 44% are for Business Class, 56% for First Class, and with 72% of all bookings opting for the tableware add-on.

Sia@home 7
All-inclusive First Class Package | Credit – Singapore Airlines

Business and First Class Menus

Four renowned chefs from SIA’s International Culinary Panel (ICP) have put together unique menus in theme with flights to Tokyo, Paris, New Delhi, and Sydney, so one can select between Japanese, French, Indian, and Australian cuisine respectively.

Sia@home 1
Credit – Singapore Airlines

All First Class menus start off with the SIA Signature Satay and Caviar dishes, except for the Vegetarian New Delhi Menu that is replaced with Impossible Meat Satay and Coconut-Ginger Pancake With Paneer Tikka.

Singapore – Tokyo Menu

Sia@home 5
Credit – Singapore Airlines

Diners can look forward to dishes such as Glazed Miso Eggplant, Grilled Conger Eel, and Buckwheat Noodles With Soba Sauce in the Business Class menu, and Miso-marinated Sliced Tuna, Braised Beef in Black Vinegar Sauce, and Baked Prawn With Sea Urchin under the First Class menu.

Singapore – Paris Menu

Sia@home 8
Credit – Singapore Airlines

Under the First Class menu, pick from a selection of appetisers and mains like Poached Lobster, Navarin of Beef Short Rib, Halibut Fillet With Sauce Vierge. The Business Class menu offers Braised Pork Cheek in Red Wine, Seared Beef Fillet in Bordelaise Sauce, and a Cheese Plate.

Singapore – Sydney Menu

Sia@home 3

Sia@home 2

Find Seared Barramundi Fillet and Pork Belly With Spiced Apple Sauce under the Business Class menu, and Beef Consomme With Corned Wagyu Beef and Roasted Lobster in Spicy Bisque Sauce under the First Class menu.

Singapore – New Delhi Menu

Sia@home 6
Credit – Singapore Airlines

For those wondering, there are indeed vegetarian options albeit only under the New Delhi menu. The different Business Class and First Class menus boast Fragrant Basmati Rice with accompaniments such as Saunf Mirch Paneer, Cottage Cheese in Basil Cashew Nut Cream Sauce, as well as various Indian bread like Papadum and Indian Flatbread.

The non-vegetarian menu presents meat iterations of the vegetarian menu.

Before you dismiss the SIA@Home experience as ‘too bougie‘ for you, consider the fact that you’re paying for a whole experience rather than just a meal in itself. Treat that travel-sick loved one to the full in-flight experience, at home.

Stay tuned for more content on the upcoming A380 restaurant as well as the Inside Singapore Airlines tours.

Date: SIA@Home is available from 5 October 2020 onwards

Price: From S$288