16 Undeniable Signs You’re a Singaporean Foodie

Singapore is considered the food capital of Asia and is well-known for its melting pot of cuisines. It is no coincidence then that our food nation has spawned many local foodies to keep up with all the new restaurants and eateries being opened.

If you are a true Singaporean foodie, you will exhibit many of these signs below, much to the irritation of other non-foodies. It’s ok, you’re not alone as foodies will understand why you do what you do.

1. You treat hungrygowhere.com like the bible and read it before visiting a restaurant.

hungrygowhere bible

2. You instagram your food before you eat. When you miss a meal post, your friends get worried that you might be kidnapped by aliens.


3. Your friends ask you where to eat for very specific situations, like where the best bak chor mee in Jurong is that has ambience good enough to pak tor.


4. You never eat the same dish within the week because… you just can’t.

no salmon

5. You can argue where the best Chicken Rice stall in Singapore is.


6. You feel frustrated when you can’t order a particular dish, because your friend is ordering it.

food stealing gif

7. You pick the counter seat at a open kitchen so you can look at the chef prepare food.

homer cooks

8. You go to the most ulu 鸟不生蛋 places to eat.


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9. You will rave about the latest restaurant to your friends and try to psycho them to go with you.

new restaurant

10. You are either team Rochor Tau Huey, or team Beancurd City (the stall beside Rochor Tau Huey).

red team

11. You can name at least 5 food bloggers in Singapore (ahem, including yours truly I hope).

serious gourmet

12. You spend more on food than clothes.


13. You HAVE to try the latest talked about food craze even if it means queuing for hours or eating lunch/dinner at 4pm.

which fork

14. You ask the waiter what dish the other table ordered after staring for 5 minutes.


15. You plan vacations around restaurants to visit in a country, not tourist attractions.


16. You rather eat local food (like char kway teow) from the hawker centre than from the chain restaurant/food court.

passion about food

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Which signs describe you the most? Share it in the comments.

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