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This Smoko Sanitising Box makes cleaning your phone adorable, fun and easy

Last Updated: October 20, 2020

Written by Ping Er

I’m sure we’ve all been told how our mobile phones are a host of unwelcome and invisible germs. As much as we try to sanitise our handy little mobile devices with the same frequency as we do our hands, it truthfully can be an easily overlooked task. Here’s a potential solution to our microscopic problem—the Smoko Pearl Boba Sanitising Box (S$155.35).

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Smoko, which is a US-based online shop, sells cute lifestyle accessories with a distinctive bold black smiley face outline on their products. Their offerings range from gadget accessories to home decor lights to plushies. The Pearl Boba design is a popular theme in their lineup.

Check out the new Smoko Sanitising Box that features UV-C lights that promise to eliminate 99.99% of harmful germs such as cold and flu viruses in just 10 minutes.

Simply pop your mobile device into the box while you enjoy a quick digital detox and wait for it to come out clean and sanitised. What a thoughtful way to combine functionality and cuteness.

In fact, with its novel cuteness, Smoko might just be right with the prediction that you’ll be looking around the house for more things to sanitise in the box.

The Smoko Sanitising Box measures 8.5 by 4 by 2.75 inches (exterior) and 8 by 3.5 by 1.52 inches (interior). It should be able to comfortably fit your mobile phone along with several smaller objects that you come into contact with frequently, such as keys and earphones. Here’s to hoping that the box also fits the new iPhone 12.

A power adapter is also included with each purchase of the Smoko Sanitising Box. 

Sanitising should be easy and efficient. The Smoko Sanitising Box is now available for pre-orders via their online shop, so get yours as soon as you can. Find them on Facebook and Instagram for more cute inspiration.

Date & Time: Now available for pre-order via Smoko’s website

Price: S$155.35 (US$85)


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