New in town: Sweet Cheeks Gelato, Tyrwhitt Rd — Biscoff, balsamic strawberry & other new flavours

Few things sound as heavenly as a perfectly round scoop of creamy gelato on an afternoon so warm and humid, even your AC on full blast doesn’t cut it. There is one thing Singaporeans love more than complaining about the heat, and that is how to beat it. That solution lies in the newest outlet of elegant, minimalist-chic gelato shop, Sweet Cheeks Gelato, located at Tyrwhitt Road in Lavender.

the interior of Sweet Cheeks Gelato

The shop boasts of a simple white-cream colour palette with light pink accents and aesthetic arches; perfect for both quick desserts after dinner as well as somewhere for a casual photo shoot to spruce up your social feed.

Hand in frame shot of ice cream

Sweet Cheeks recently added two new flavours to their repertoire—Balsamic Strawberry with Chia Seeds (S$5) and Biscoff Cookie Crunch (S$4). I’ve never been the biggest fan of strawberry gelato, but the sour tartness of this creamy pink wonder was my favourite flavour between the two.

Lotus Biscoff cookie lovers who queued patiently (myself, included) for McDonald’s Biscoff McFlurry will find themselves drawn to Sweet Cheeks’ rendition of the familiar caramelised cookie ice cream. This was filled with crushed cookies and tastes the way you expect it to, though I felt that there was nothing particularly special beyond that.

A shot of ice cream on waffles

Sweet Cheeks also offers a myriad of flavours for every palette, whether you’re looking for something floral and summery like the Chrysanthemum with Cacao Nibs (S$5) or slightly savoury and cheesy like the Ricotta with Pistachio Bits (S$5).

The unconventional combinations offered by Sweet Cheeks are not usual flavours that you find displayed in the freezer at your neighbourhood grocery store. I found the jarring contrast between the flowery lightness of the chrysanthemum flavour and the cacao nibs quite unnecessary, and would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if it was pure chrysanthemum. And as someone who loves cheese and gelato, I have to admit that the two taste best when enjoyed separately, post ricotta gelato.

A word of caution to those whose threshold for sweet desserts isn’t high—the gelato at Sweet Cheeks is quite jelak and falls heavy on the sugary side, especially when paired with a Waffle (S$6) that’s dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with honey.

The saving grace was the Sicilian Pistachio with Pistachio Bits (S$5), an earthy, nutty-crunch that helped to ease the cloying sweetness of the other gelato flavours. While delicious, it still struggled to hold its own against the other prominent flavours.

In summary, both the Sicilian Pistachio and Balsamic Strawberry are the flavours I would repurchase if I ever revisit Sweet Cheeks simply because they aren’t sickly sweet, and that’s something coming from a dessert fiend like myself.

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Price: $

Our Rating: 2 / 5

Sweet Cheeks

147 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207561

Our Rating 2/5

Sweet Cheeks

147 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207561

Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Sun to Thu), 12pm - 1am (Fri to Sat)

Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Sun to Thu), 12pm - 1am (Fri to Sat)
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