‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Episode #021 — Of Asian Christmas traditions & other food news of the week

With only a week left of December 2020, we launch our Christmas special of ‘Tapau Please’ on Boxing Day! We wanted to give the gift of a new episode a day early, especially since it’s a long weekend.

Tapau Please (wp)

What better way to spend some ‘me time’ this Christmas than to tune in to ‘Tapau Please’ while whiling the weekend away? In this 21st episode, we hold a brief recap of the latest news that Singapore is now officially inducted into UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list with its hawker culture. We’re so excited to see what this new honour holds for our long-celebrated hawker culture!

We also speak on the introduction of lab-grown meat into Singapore’s food scene, as well as how vital a role food plays in TV series and movies. It’s a whole slew of topics that our co-hosts wanted to share, and we cannot be more excited about what 2021 has in store for us.

We also have excellent news for you; we’re now also available on Apple Podcasts, so the entire library of ‘Tapau Please’ episodes are even more readily available for listening. We’d really appreciate if you could leave us reviews and ratings on Apple Podcasts, as we’ll be able to get a better idea of what tickles your fancy! Be sure to keep tuning in as we keep giving you more of the food news you enjoy, and the educational (and entertaining) discussions we have in the studio.

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