‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Episode #016 — ‘Why was pepper once called Black Gold? How many types of milk are there?’

Hello, everyone! Wani & Zat went on to SethLui.com’s Facebook page to host a LIVE session once again, in hopes of having some facetime with you, our dear followers. On this 16th episode of ‘Tapau Please, we dished out more unique food facts because we discovered that many of you really enjoy arming yourselves with food ingredient knowledge.

Tapau Please (wp)

In this episode, we touched on four different ingredients that we’re sure many of you have pondered about before—milk, onions, pepper, and bitter food. Did you know that other types of milk—besides your regular ol’ cow’s milk—affects the environment in different ways?

And also, did you know that New York City used to be called ‘The Big Onion’ before it was affectionately known as ‘The Big Apple’? It’s surprising how much fun it’s been learning about these common ingredients as we go about our research, so we hope you learn along with us.

If you have ingredients in mind that you’d like us to dig some dirt on in future episodes, let us know; we’d be happy to oblige. Also, as always, share this episode with a foodie friend and help them along their journey of discovering food the fun way.

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