‘Tapau Please’ Podcast by SethLui.com: Episode #003—We Make Sense of Intriguing Food Queries

It’s been a week since our very first and exciting episode of ‘Tapau Please’, a weekly podcast brought to you by SethLui.com. We hope you’ve had some time to listen to the launch of our first two episodes, especially since we all enjoyed a nice long weekend over Singapore’s 55th National Day!

Tapau Please (wp)

We’ll be here for you with new episodes every Sunday and today, we’re bringing you Episode #003 where we discuss—at quite a great length(!)—about some of the more interesting food questions you might’ve, at one point, asked yourself or even asked friends.

What’s your favourite type of French fry? How do you keep your ketchup? And so many other unexpected questions that might just make you think twice about how you eat your next meal.

We’re still learning as we go, and we’d love to hear from you what you like about our shows, how we can improve, or simply add to the conversation each and every episode. We love talking about and sharing stories about all things food, so let’s keep chatting!

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