Slurp Your Bubble Tea From Malaysia’s 1st Strawless Reusable Cup At Tealive Available Soon For Purchase

Have you ever thought of joining in the movement to save the environment? Metal straws were the “in” thing, but this time we’re looking at something much more convenient. 

Introducing: Tealive Malaysia’s very own strawless reusable cup in 700ml! This is a step forward towards saving the environment, one bubble tea at a time. 

Tealive Strawless Reusable Cup Malaysia Feb 2020 Online

Collaborating with OneCup eco glass tumbler, Tealive will be producing their latest innovation in a gorgeous pastel purple, their iconic brand colour. These bottles are plastic-free and made out of food-grade materials. 

If you’ve ever wasted bubble tea toppings because a straw simply couldn’t pick them up, your troubles are finally over. 

With a compartment dedicated solely to holding your bubble tea toppings, you’ll never waste a single pearl again. At the bottom of the compartment, you’ll have a filter for the liquids to flow smoothly through—which means your toppings will never touch the bottom of the cup! 

Tealive Strawless Reusable Cup Malaysia Feb 2020 Online 2

If you prefer the glass version, there are three colours available. They are 100% BPA-free, made with light and strong borosilicate glass, but they aren’t strawless. Along with a Tealive stainless steel metal straw and cleaning brush, it also includes a free Tealive drink voucher worth RM7

Tealive Strawless Reusable Cup Malaysia Feb 2020 Online 3

These cups will be available only in June so keep a lookout in stores or their website to see when these gorgeous environmentally-friendly cups are dropped!  

If you’re sick and tired of scrubbing your metal straws, this will be the ideal option for you. Here’s to a guilt-free way of drinking your favourite bubble tea!

Dates & Times: To be released in June 2020

Prices: TBC