Tensho 天勝 By MOF: Quality Tendon Bowls Just Got More Affordable At Cineleisure

Tensho - Storefront

Following the successful opening of the first outlet located at The Centrepoint, MOF has added a new Tensho outlet at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. Do look out for new tendon bowls and value set meals here, that are part of an improvement to the menu.

Led by the Head Chef, Sonada Kazunori, Tensho by MOF aims to put together value-for-money Tendon bowls that uses quality ingredients which are fried in a batter recipe developed by the Chef himself.

Having lived in Singapore for approximately 10 years, the recipe is catered to suit the local palette, without compromising on the authenticity of this dish.

Tensho - Frying Onsen Egg

With tempura being the star of the show here, the best quality vegetables and seafood are used and battered before being fried in separate vaults of oil as they have distinct cooking times. Ensuring that each piece is perfectly fried to a crispy finish.

Tensho - Interior

Keeping in line with the strong Japanese character, the interior of the restaurant is decked out in wooden furniture and accentuated with the use of warm lighting, making for a pleasant dining experience.

Want a front row seat to watch your Tendon being fried and assembled? Have a seat by the bar counter overlooking the open kitchen where you can watch the skilful chefs in action as they batter and fry each piece to order.

Tensho - All Tendon Sets

The Cathay Cineleisure Orchard outlet offers four variations of Tendon: Mixed Tendon ($14.90++)Vege Tendon ($13.90++)Ebi Lover Tendon ($19.90++) and Anago Tendon ($18.90++). Each bowl of tendon comes with Chawanmushi and Miso Soup.

Tensho - Hitomebore Rice

Hitomebore Rice meaning “love at first sight”, is a home-grown short-grain rice variant from Japan that is used in each bowl of Tendon. Different from local rice, the Hitomebore Rice comes in smaller shiny grains that has a sweet flavour along with a slightly stickier texture.

Tensho - Ebi Lover Tendon

A popular request by many, Tensho has now launched the Ebi Lover Tendon ($19.90++). Each bowl comes with four pieces of Ebi, a selection of vegetables and onsen egg, that are coated with a thin layer of batter and fried till golden brown. Definitely a must try for every Ebi lover!

Tensho - Vege Tendon

The Vege Tendon ($13.90++) comes with two large Kakiage made from strips of onions, eggplant, long bean and shitake mushroom. The combination of several different vegetables produces a natural sweetness in the kakiage.

The vegetable tempura was crunchy on the outside yet juicy on the inside. The long beans are especially fresh and crunchy when we bit into it.

Tensho - Tempura Udon Set (Mixed)

Apart from serving Tendon bowls, Udon and Soba (Hot/Cold) are also offered as part of the Value Set Meals. Each set meal comes with a basket of Mixed Tempura (Prawn, Dory Fish, Vegetables) or Vege Tempura and Chawanmushi.

Tensho - Dipping Soba

Tempura Cha Soba Set (Mixed: $16.90++/ Vege: $15.90++)

Cold Soba is the perfect dish to have on a hot and humid afternoon. The Soba noodles were firm yet smooth enough for you to slurp it down.

The most refreshing way to consume it would be to dip it into the Soba sauce along with some wasabi for that added spicy kick. The light yet flavourful Soba sauce coated the al-dente Soba noodles, making for slurping it down a breeze.

Tensho - Hot Udon

Tempura Udon Set (Mixed: $16.90++ / Vege: $15.90++)

The Udon on the other hand had a chewy and firm bite to it, proving that it was cooked just right. However, we found the soup a tad too salty which could be fixed by mixing the onsen egg into the soup, adding creaminess with each spoonful as well.

Tensho - Bursting Yolk

The onsen egg in our Mini Tendon was perfectly cooked despite sitting in the rice-bowls for some time, the yolks were still flowy and not overcooked!

We would suggest mixing the yolk into your rice, coating each grain with the gooey yellow goodness for a smoother and more flavourful mouth-feel.

Tensho - Mini Tendon Set

For those who are looking for a meal which includes both rice and noodles, the Mini Tendon Set ($17.90++) might just be the perfect solution! Indulge in both a mini tendon as well as the choice of a serving of Udon or Soba, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a satisfying meal.

Tensho - Drizzling Tensho sauce 2

Tensho offers two types of sauces, original and spicy. I personally enjoyed the spicy sauce as it was sweet and spicy enough to trigger your tastebuds. Although spicy, it was not enough to set your mouth on fire.

The original was simply sweet and salty, pretty bland as compared to the spicy sauce which sends a tingling sensation to your mouth.

Tensho - Chawanmushi

We loved the Chawanmushi which comes with every Tendon and Set Meal. Bonito Kelp soup stock is added in the cooking process, making for a smoother and more velvety mouth-feel. Finally enjoy each bite with fillings such as crab-stick and mushroom.

Tensho - Fish Popcorn

If you’re sick of the same old popcorn chicken, try the Fish Popcorn ($4++) made from dory fish. It was well-seasoned and had a calamari-like texture which makes you reach out for more. A good side to pair with an ice-cold beer!

Tensho - Tempura Cha Soba Set (Mixed)

Tensho is a great place for a quick, enjoyable and filling lunch which offers you a good variety of options. Choose to have your tempura with rice, Udon or Soba! Grab your friends to enjoy this great deal now!

Expected Damage: $16 – $25 per pax

Tensho 天勝 by MOF: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, #B1-08/09|Tel: 62626103 | Facebook 

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 10pm, Sat – Sun and PH: 11.30am – 10.30pm

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