The Cheese Artisans: Affordable Artisanal Cheeses With Truffle Honey & Fresh Bread At Greenwood Ave

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Tucked away in Greenwood Avenue, The Cheese Artisans sells artisanal cheeses at affordable prices. The space also serves as a chic cafe with an all-day menu, so you can grab a hearty meal along with your cheeses.

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The store has two fully functional walk-in cheese rooms maintained at specific temperatures and humidities to ripen or mature the cheeses. This ensures that the cheeses are at their peak when they are put out for sale.

If mozzarella and cheddar are the only cheeses you’re familiar with, a visit to Cheese Artisans is sure to broaden your knowledge. With the help of staff that are well-versed in the world of cheese, find your ideal cheese(es) to savour and enjoy.

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We tried several kinds of cheese from Italy, France and the Netherlands, where each portion of cheese (50g) cost around $9. One of our favourites was the Ubriaco Al Vino Bianco which is an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk and then soaked in prosecco.

The prosecco flavour was mild but went perfectly with the cheese. This interesting blend of sweet and salty was a new flavour combination that we had not experienced before. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you love your wine and cheese together, here’s the best of both worlds!

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The cheeses are served with homemade Herb, Garlic and Olive Oil Crostini, Sourdough BreadMembrillo Quince paste and Acacia White Truffle Honey. Pair your cheeses with the accompaniments according to your preference, but for us, having honey was the way to go.

The Pecorino Romano Crosta Nera had a sharp and savoury flavour that was made milder by the sweet and floral honey. Sweet and savoury flavour combinations don’t always work, but this one did (and is definitely something we’ll be back for).

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For something warm, try the baked cheeses with truffle. We had the Baked Truffle St Marcellin ($12 without baking, $45 as part of Truffle Board) which was freshly prepared upon order. The mini cheese round is sliced in half, layered with truffle and placed in the oven to get warm and bubbly.

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Scoop the melt-y cheese onto slices of sourdough bread for the perfect afternoon snack. Melted cheese and truffles— how could it possibly go wrong? The assertive truffle flavour did not overwhelm the mild cheese but complemented it very well instead.

If the St Marcellin is not available, the Baked Truffle St Felicien ($30) is a good substitute.

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With over 80 cheeses for sale at any one point in time, get good quality, authentic cheeses here at The Cheese Artisans. We’ll definitely be back to try the all-day breakfast, salads, mains and desserts that you can have alongside the many cheeses.

Apart from that, products like the quince paste, crostini and honey are also available for sale, so do check out the range of take-home products.

Make The Cheese Artisans your next stop for artisanal cheeses and more today!

Expected damage: $10 – $25 per person

The Cheese Artisans: 18 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park Singapore 289212 | Opening Hours: (Tues to Sun) 9 am – 10pm | Tel: +65 6463 4686 | Website | Facebook