The ENTERTAINER Singapore 2021: Purchase early to unlock all the enticing offers from the 2020 app

Times are difficult with the on-going pandemic affecting our daily lives so why pay double when you can enjoy a delectable meal with your partner for just the price of one? For all you true blue foodies out there, let me introduce you to the ENTERTAINER—a 1-for-1 lifestyle app subscription that is sure to give you more bang for your buck even with a tightened pocket.

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Credit – the ENTERTAINER Singapore

With just two months left to the end of the year, welcome 2021 with your early bird purchase of the ENTERTAINER Singapore 2021 App at only S$79 (U.P: S$95). What’s more, existing members can get the 2021 app at a further discount price of S$69 (U.P: S$95).

By just paying as low as S$0.20 per day for the ENTERTAINER, you will get to enjoy thousands of 1-for-1 and discount offers from all five products—Singapore 2021, Cheers 2021, Gourmet 2021, Express 2021, and Travel throughout the entire year. 

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Credit – the ENTERTAINER Singapore

Not only that, you won’t have to wait till January 2021 to enjoy all the massive savings. New members will be able to unlock 2020 offers immediately after purchasing the ENTERTAINER 2021 app so you can use your offers straight away. Not forgetting existing members who will get all 2020 offers topped up.

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Credit – Hoshino Coffee

 For everyday usage, Singapore 2021 will be your go-to providing 1-for-1 deals and discount offers at dining and lifestyle places that we are all familiar with. With Singapore 2021, breakfast at Hoshino Coffee, lunch from Paul Bakery, and dinner at Hot Stones or Fremantle Seafood Market are just some of the affordable options at your fingertips.  

You can definitely expect a spectacular list of great watering holes on Cheers 2021. With offers on beverages from the likes of Harry’s, Kinki Rooftop Bar, Kult Kafe, and Tiger Street Lab, you know you will be in for a boozy good time the entire night. 

To get the most out of your penny, I highly recommend the Gourmet 2021—a product which I frequently use from the ENTERTAINER app. You don’t have to be a culinary connoisseur to savour gourmet dishes from upscale, fine-dining establishments. Here, Gourmet 2021 features a stellar line up of renowned restaurants such as Bedrock Bar & Grill, Fat Cow, Don Ho Social Kitchen & Bar, and Forbidden Duck—perfect date night ideas without burning a hole in your pockets. 

For that instant return, you just need to dine at least once in any of their Gourmet 2021 merchants! Imagine getting a 1-for-1 for Fatcow’s Australian Wagyu MB8 Donburi. That means a saving of S$98 which is more than the price of the app itself! Now, look who is taking advantage of the system now? 

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Credit – Fremantle Seafood Market

Too busy at work and just want a quick bite? Make use of the Express 2021 for up to 25% off your total bill with four offers per month from each merchant (that means 48 offers per merchant every year) at takeaway kiosks and fast-dining outlets like Wafuken and Wheat Baumkuchen. Meals aside, you can also replenish your sugar on a hectic day with a cup of bubble tea from Bober Tea or a chocolate chip cookie from Ben’s Cookies. Just name it, and there will definitely be a merchant that will tickle your fancy. 

While leisure travel is not an option for all of us in 2020, the ENTERTAINER app’s Travel still remains available with 1-for-1 and discount offers on thousands of hotel accommodations worldwide. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for the opening of our borders and more air travel bubble options in the months to come!

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Credit – the ENTERTAINER Singapore

Tempted already? Then wait no longer and make your purchase right now to enjoy the offers anytime, all seven days of the week. Restrictions are only limited to the eve of Public Holidays (from 5pm) and on Public Holidays itself, so you can practically make use of the ENTERTAINER every other day for accumulated savings. 

Such great deals and scrumptious meals are almost impossible to resist. So why not download the app and try it out for yourself? You can always come back and thank us later.

Date & Time: Now available for download

Prices: S$69 (the ENTERTAINER Singapore 2021 early bird price for existing members), S$79 (the ENTERTAINER Singapore 2021 early bird price for new members) 

*This post is brought to you in partnership with the ENTERTAINER.