The Mad Sailors: Get British Food & Non-Alcoholic Butter Beer At This Muslim-Friendly Cafe In Haji Lane

The Mad Sailors 2

British food such as Bangers and Mash and Fish and Chips have always been crowd favourites, and The Mad Sailors, located at Haji Lane delivers that, and much more.

Expect to have great British food in a homely setting, which will make it the perfect place to wind down after a long day at work.

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When we stepped in, we were greeted by Hailey, the super friendly manager of this restaurant who’s definitely going to put a smile on your face. Her enthusiasm was so contagious that we couldn’t help but feel excited about dining here.

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The menu at The Mad Sailors is pretty extensive, with classic dishes such as pasta, fish and chips, and bangers and mash. However, they also have dishes where modern twists are made to the British classics.

One of the coolest menu items can be found on the drinks menu. Get the non-alcoholic House Butter Beer ($7), which looks like it came right out of the Harry Potter movies.

The Mad Sailors 4

This bubbly drink tasted like an ice cream soda, which has more of a creamy and buttery taste and texture. The topping on the drink was like a deliciously thick whipped cream that’ll make you crave for more.

It was to our dismay that the recipe was a closely guarded secret as I genuinely wanted to go home to recreate this beverage for myself. That just means you’ll probably see me coming back on a hot day, sipping on some ice cold Butter Beer.

The Mad Sailors 18

If you’re not one for such indulgence, get the House Lychee Earl Grey ($6.50). This light drink has a pretty mild earl grey flavour, which complements the lychee flavour well.

It’s also not drowned in sugar syrup, making it great for people who aren’t too fond of sugary drinks.

The Mad Sailors 6

To start your meal the right way, get the Tomato & Parsley Mussels ($12), which has steamed blue mussels coated with a tangy, slightly spicy tomato ragu and accompanied by two pieces of buttered and toasted sourdough bread.

Every mussel was juicy and sweet, and went well with the ragu. It didn’t look like there was a lot of ragu at first, but as we cleared off the mussels, we found that there was enough sauce at the bottom for us to dip the bread.

The Mad Sailors 9

Get the Orange and Duck Salad ($9), a new addition to their menu, which comes with kale topped with sweet oranges and slices of tender smoked duck.

The juicy orange pieces cut through the salty, chewy duck, and gave texture to the salad. The dressing is a mixture of orange juice and olive oil, amping up the flavours altogether.

The Mad Sailors 14

One main that you should get if you want to try the modern version of the classic English breakfast is the Good Ol’ English Fry Up ($22) — sausage, baked beans, eggs; this one dish has it all!

The Mad Sailors put their own little twist on the dish by adding mushy peas to the mix.  The sweet, mild, and slightly chunky peas give your palate a respite from the heavier flavours of the other components.

The Mad Sailors 16

The portion seemed to be a little much for one person, but I thought it was just right after having tried it for myself. It’s also a pretty balanced plate, with its fair share of lighter components as well as rich ingredients.

The Mad Sailors 17

The star of the show would definitely have to be the huge beef sausage which spanned across more than half of the plate. It was perfectly seasoned, and also really juicy.

The combination of the juicy herb beef sausage and the garlicky roasted mushrooms is enough to please all your senses.

The Mad Sailors 10

For a more substantial main, go for the Goodness Gracious Me ($18). It’s a burger, which incorporates Indian influences into its various components.

This burger comes with a chicken patty covered with a tikka masala sauce sandwiched between toasted brioche buns.

The Mad Sailors 12

The tikka masala sauce gave the burger a slightly spicy kick, that got us reaching for our drinks. The chicken patty was tender and juicy, and fell apart with much ease.

Along with the burger, the dish came with a serving of thick fries which made it twice as filling. But that just made it even better for sharing.

Overall, our dining experience at The Mad Sailors was a pretty chill one, where we were able to hold light conversations and while away the hours.

If you’re looking for a place to have good Brit bites and spend some downtime, The Mad Sailors is an option you should consider.

Expected Damage: $25 – $35 per pax

The Mad Sailors: 24 Haji Lane, Singapore 189217 | Tel: +65 8248 2853 | Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 12pm – 11pm (Fri), 10am – 11pm (Sat), 10am – 10pm (Sun) | Website | Facebook