TOBY’S Dessert Asylum: Lava Cheese Burger & Molten Mudpies At Boon Lay Way

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TOBY’S Dessert Asylum may be a familiar name to those living in the East. Located at Parkway Parade originally, they have now called Boon Lay Way home for the last four years or so.

They seem to be doing well in their new ‘hood. With a menu item that caught my eye, the Lava Cheese Burger (S$14.50, +S$4 for an extra patty), a couple of us went down to give our two-cents’ worth.

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The burger looked like any regular burger, except that it’s accompanied by a pitcher of warm molten nacho cheese.

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The biggest struggle of making the Lava Cheese Burger worthy enough to post on Instagram is to ensure all the molten nacho cheese oozes on all sides of the burger evenly. It took us a few tries, but I reckon this shot did sufficient justice to the burger.

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Taste-wise, it was slightly underwhelming. I wished that they used higher quality cheese; perhaps a mix of mozzarella and parmesan? The nacho cheese got tacky pretty quickly as the heat from the patty soon dissipated.

I could only imagine myself ordering this again if I was majorly craving a cheesy burger and was on a tight budget.

Toby's Dessert Asylum

Aside from this unique burger, I did enjoy the Battered Button Mushrooms (S$6.50) that are accompanied by tartar sauce. The bites were exceptionally crispy, even after having sat on the table for some time (because food photography is a priority).

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And the best part? The batter was seasoned and wasn’t overly thick so that we’d end up eating more batter than mushroom. It was a highly addictive side that was easily gone in minutes.

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We were recommended their Mushroom & Spinach Pizza (S$14.90), thinking it wouldn’t leave an impression. When it arrived overrun by spinach, my hopes were heightened a wee bit.

First of all, I loved that they used a thin crust; I really hate pizzas that are mostly bread and dough. The combination made the pizza surprisingly light, something I typically wouldn’t associate with pizza. It was rich without being too filling, and I felt like I was doing my body a service by eating fresh greens.

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Carnivores will want to order their BBQ Baby Ribs (S$19.90) that is served with starch options of either fries, potato salad or garlic rice. The BBQ wasn’t sickeningly sweet, but it was aptly sticky and savoury.

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The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender, and so, it was the one dish that we licked clean.

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They also suggested to us their Seek Asylum ($15.90), a mudpie loaded with mocha almond ice cream with cookies and served with Bailey’s Irish cream to pour.

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It was a sweltering day, so we hastened our photo-taking and poured over Bailey’s Irish cream on the already-melting mudpie. There wasn’t anything to dislike about this dessert, although with our notorious heat, you certainly have to act quick and finish this off.

As Boon Lay Way is oddly situated between Clementi and Jurong East, TOBY’S Dessert Asylum might be a little difficult to get to. Their mains were very average and failed to impress me, but the mudpie really took back to the days when NYDC Café was considered the hottest spot for burgers and mudpies.

If you’re looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, Toby’s Dessert Asylum is a good bet.

Expected Damage: S$5 – S$30 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

TOBY'S Dessert Asylum

8 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub21, #01-35, Singapore 609964

Our Rating 3/5

TOBY'S Dessert Asylum

8 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub21, #01-35, Singapore 609964

Telephone: +65 6316 2422
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6316 2422

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
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