Toby’s Estate: Singapore Cafe Review

“The Art Of Coffee”

toby's estate cafe singapore - sign

Often compared to a multi-concept, Austrailian-style cafe, restaurant, coffee roaster and just a generally amazing place to lepak (hang out), Toby’s Estate is a brilliant one stop venue to suit any mood and offers first-rate coffee to fix any caffeine deficiency, all within the same space.

toby's estate singapore - interior

With a prime location in the heart of Robertson Quay, the Australian Toby’s Estate is set within a charming modern industrial space, complete with washed out grey walls, inconspicuous shrubbery, soft lighting emitting from hanging overhead lamps and even softer music that I am convinced is able to read my moods and play tunes accordingly.

toby's estate singapore seating cafe

If you’re feeling a little frisky for al fresco, head on outside to enjoy your cuppa with a view of the river. Overhead fans are installed within huge tents so don’t worry about the afternoon heat!

Toby’s Estate believes in using unwashed or natural coffee, also known as dry processing, as it lifts the aromas without stripping off the flavours unlike wet processing.

The house blend at Toby’s Estate uses the Rodyk Blend, a 5 bean mix of Costa Rica, Uganda, Panama, Brazil and Ethipio beans.

toby's estate singapore - gibraltar latte

Gibraltar Latte ($4.50). One of the bestsellers that Toby’s Estate is known for, the Gibraltar is floral on the nose, with a rather bright and acidic notes upon initial taste. The acidity tapers off very quickly to reveal notes of berries at the end. Overall a very well-balanced brew.

All lattes, cappucinos and espressos are made with a double ristretto shot for more intensity.

toby's estate singapore - cafe mocha

Cafe Mocha ($6). Probably the closest you will get to flavoured coffee in Toby’s, the Cafe Mocha is made up of 50% Ghana cocoa and 50% Ivory Coast chocolate. It compliments the house blend really well, uplifts a lot of berriness from within, very round and fruity for a mocha. Delicious.

toby's estate eggs benedict

Eggs Benedict ($19). The eggs benedict at Toby’s Estate can be done in 3 different ways. For our tasting, we tried the ‘Wooly Style’ – Poached eggs with Toby’s Eggs Benny sauce and prosciutto ham, as well as the ‘Rodyk Style’ – Poached eggs with Toby’s Eggs Benny sauce and salmon gravlax cured by the chef.

Toby’s Eggs Benny sauce is lighter and more tangy than the usual hollandaise sauce, which can be a little too heavy sometimes. A refreshing twist.

toby's estate french toast singapore

Toby’s French Toast ($19). Eggy bread topped with apple, berries, maple syrup and a rash of espresso bacon. Fluffy french toast beautifully presented with coffee soaked bacon for that Aussie brunch sensation.

toby's estate cafe singapore- latte art

We had the luxury to speak to resident barista Terrence, who gave us an enlightening insight to the coffee culture in Singapore, natural processed coffee beans etc. A really cool guy who really knows his coffee, talk to him if he’s free for a quick lesson on coffee (sorry Terrence)!

Amazing socially responsible coffees and an impressive brunch menu, Toby’s Estate brings the authentic Melbourne cafe scene to Singapore.

A Mecca for coffee and food lovers.

Expected Damage: $5 – $6 a coffee

Toby’s Estate: 8 Rodyk Street #01-03/04, Singapore 238216 | Tel: +65 6636 7629 | Website