Uncle Roger AKA Nigel Ng will open new restaurant in KL end of this year

The comedic sensation behind Uncle Roger on YouTube, Nigel Ng, has launched his first eatery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Uncle Roger, who is well-known for his witty and frequently harsh critiques of cuisine, especially fried rice, has now ventured into the culinary world with the opening of Uncle Roger’s Rice Palace later this year.

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In his latest video, Uncle Roger mentioned somewhere in the middle of the video that he has plans to open his own restaurant. In the comments, he also mentioned that he intentionally did this so that only his loyal fans who watch his videos will come across this information.

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The restaurant wants to serve food that combines classic Asian flavours with a modern twist. Nigel personally selected the menu items to showcase his sense of humour and culinary prowess. His input into the creation of the menu guarantees that the offerings live up to his standards and complement his humorous style.

uncle roger - with anthony bourdain

With his YouTube videos, in which he critically examines different recipes and cooking methods, Uncle Roger has amassed a sizeable fan base. Specifically, his criticisms of fried rice recipes have gone viral, establishing him as a prominent figure in the culinary and entertainment industries.

Due to his notoriety, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding the launch of his restaurant from followers who are eager to try the food that he frequently extols or critiques in his videos.

In an effort to draw in both locals and visitors, Uncle Roger’s Rice Palace offers a distinctive eating experience that combines excellent cuisine with a lively and entertaining ambience. The idea behind the restaurant is to serve Asian food in a modern and authentic way, making sure that every dish not only meets but beyond the standards of Uncle Roger’s devotees.

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