Why Men Who Drink Cocktails Are Sexy

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Ladies, I’m here on a mission, to let all you lovely ladies appreciate men who drink cocktails and for men to reaffirm their love for cocktails. Because, whoever said that cocktails are only for girls are clearly mistaken.

In this age of equality, you don’t need to flaunt your masculinity with a stiff drink. In fact, getting a cocktail makes you look all that more secure, which is a huge sexy plus point.

Here’s why men who drink cocktails are sexy beasts worth every single moment of your time.

They know how to have fun


Going for a night of cocktails is all about cutting loose and having fun; you know it’s going to be super fun when hanging with men who drink cocktails. Alcohol especially makes people open up, and what you see is what you get, you don’t need to worry about all his little antics showing after the whole first impression game is over.

They know what they want

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Nothing is sexier than a man who knows what he wants, so when he goes above and beyond by recommending cocktails or better yet, make me one, I’ll be weeping with joy internally. I’ll feel so pampered and also be particularly impressed with his extra attention towards the craft and beauty of cocktails.

He knows that the little details are important and whenever the situation calls for it, he will be the man that will step up to the occasion and make the big decisions for when you’re flustered.

They have no qualms of showing their true selves


When I walk into a cocktail bar, it puts me off slightly when my date has to order a neat drink just to impress me and then proceeds to tell me how good he is at this or that or whatever draining information that I have to put up with.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a cocktail. In fact, it tells me how much of a gentleman you are, to not let me be alone in enjoying my cocktail. He probably also knows how to have a good time, to unwind with a cheery drink and of course keeping pace with you the whole time, letting you know that he noticed the little details and are in this with you.

They’re probably damn honest


If they’re so comfortable at being themselves and isn’t afraid to show you, this probably indicates their way of life – honest without a hint of facade. And these are the good people around that should be filling this world.

They do not need to act manly; they already are


Guys who order cocktails are confident with their manliness and don’t need to impress you with a whisky on the rocks to convince you otherwise.

He can appreciate beautiful details


He knows how to appreciate beauty in a carefully concocted cocktail that packs a good balance of alcohol and happiness. He recognises the aroma of that beetroot gin sour but that doesn’t mean he can’t handle a dark and stormy.

He is also exceedingly positive because he finds the beauty in everything and of course, in you and life.

Probably very versatile and spontaneous


He’s totally accepting of all drinks and would even enjoy the whole bespoke concept, which means this guy is open to new ideas and with that, he is probably super versatile because he isn’t afraid to dabble in new areas that he has yet explored.

I don’t know for you, but I love to be around such people, they bring such joy and excitement.

He won’t be a male chauvinist pig


Pretty much self explanatory, he is no male chauvinist pig that will make stupid jokes like asking you to make him a sandwich. He is a gentleman and respects all your curves and edges, perfect imperfection ladies.

Bringing something different onto the table


I’ve already established that he is probably super fun to be with, so he’s gonna bring you surprises and keep you on your toes, in a good way.

They are new age sensitive men


Because he knows how to appreciate a masterfully crafted cocktail, he probably knows the amount of time and effort invested in concocting a good drink and of course the myriad of ingredients used inside.

He’s going to be very sensitive to your needs, to know that beyond the exterior, a girl has complex thoughts always running wild. Understanding that, he will fix that with his sensitivity. He will also know that just like good drink, good things are worth the effort.

So here you go, a good list of why he is worthy of your time. But of course, don’t condemn the men who genuinely still loves a good peaty glass of whisky because everybody deserves some loving.