Feast On The Go With Yoshinoya’s Ready-To-Eat Canned Bowls Now In Japan

Yoshinoya is well-loved for their rice bowls, whether in Singapore, Japan or around the world. With so many outlets in Japan, they are a staple food joint that’s fast and convenient.

I’ve always had Yoshinoya at least once whenever I visit the country. Now, Yoshinoya has outdone themselves with their latest Canned Yoshinoya Ready-To-Eat Bowls.

Yoshinoya Can Online 3

These canned meals are ready to eat just as they are; no cooking or preparation needed. Literally served in tin cans, just pull open the lid and you’ll get yourself a hearty meal.

Yoshinoya Can Online 2

These beef bowls are so compact in the cans, making them perfect for grab-and-go.

Yoshinoya also has a range of other options available in easy-to-eat cans as well.

Yoshinoya Can Online 1

This new line up consists of six different variations. They are the standard beef, followed by Yakiniku Beef, Yakitori Chicken, Pork, Ginger Pork and Salted Grilled Mackerel.

Each set of six costs JP¥4,860, except the fish, which is priced slightly cheaper at JP¥4,590.

Yoshinoya Can Online 4

The main difference between their in-store rice bowls and these canned bowls is the rice. Instead of white rice, Yoshinoya has chosen to use brown rice for the canned bowls due to its higher nutritional value.

These aren’t just a quick option for busy working people, but they also act as emergency supplies as a form of disaster preparation. I love how they even have a fish option for those who only consume seafood.

I don’t know about you, but these honestly sound amazing to me. Those who are in Japan now, do keep a lookout and let us know if they are available in stores too. If I see them around, I’ll definitely give them a try!

Dates & times: Now available at Yoshinoya’s online shop

Prices: JP¥4,860 (Set of six flavours/six cans of the same flavour), JP¥4,590 (Six cans of Salted Grilled Mackerel)