Yum Cha Restaurant (Changi Business Park): Singapore Food Review

“Come Yum Cha at Changi”

yum cha - interior

Since starting the business in 2000, Yum Cha has grown and expanded from 1 to 3 outlets – the most prominent one situated in densely populated Chinatown, another in residential district Serangoon Gardens, and the last one tucked away in the Eastern fraction of sunny Singapore – Changi Business Park, away from the hubbub of the city.

yum cha - flower

Upon entering the restaurant, you will experience a sense of history amidst the exotic bamboo-bird cage light installations and traditional coffee shop dining tables, yet feel right at home with the modern open concept space thanks to the tall ceilings and huge glass panels that align the sides.

yum cha meats

BBQ Combination ($16.80/2 varieties, $22.80/3 varieties). Crispy Roasted Pork, Honey Roast Char Siew, Crispy Roasted Duck, Braised Soya Chicken. Note that this was a tasting portion so there were 4 meats instead.

Each of the meats went with a type of sauce – special mustard wasabe sauce for the roasted pork, honey plum to go with the duck, and ginger to go with the braised chicken. The Char Siew has already been honey glazed, so it was perfect to eat on its own.

yum cha - roast pork

My favourite amongst the four had to be the Crispy Roasted Pork. It was evident that it had been treated by a professional cook – the tender meat falls off easily from the crisp skin, separated by a thin juicy layer of fat that adds to the succulent sensation. The crispy skin creates a contrasting texture compared to the smooth, flavourful meat.

yum cha - custard bunIMG_4391-2

Custard Bun ($4.50/3 pieces). A stranger to yellow-skinned custard buns, I was enlightened with the fact that the buns were treated with custard, thus the yellow hue. It was also a bid to differentiate the custard buns from the other white buns (char siew buns, for example). The custard was a little too watery for my taste, but maintains a certain sweetness that I particularly enjoy.

yum cha - prawn mango fritter

Prawn and Mango Fritters ($4.00 for 3 pieces). A new dish served at Yum Cha Changi that has double sweetness from the prawn and mango.

yum cha - red bean

Crispy Red Bean with Banana ($3.80 for 3 pieces). Yum Cha’s creative take on the local delight – the red bean pancake. The addition of banana offers a curious sweetness to the overall taste.

yum cha - vegetarian roll

Crispy Spring Roll ($3.20 for 3 pieces). The addition of bean sprouts in the filling gives the spring roll a bonus crunchy bite. The fried skin is very crispy yet light.

yum cha - siew mai

Fish Roe Siew Mai ($3.80 for 3 pieces). If there was only one word I could use to describe the Siew Mai, it would be generous. The prawn meat-to-skin ratio was hugely in favour to the prawn, and they did not spare any expense on the topping of flying fish roe either. Due to its size, the meat of the prawn was succulent and fresh, exploding in flavour from every bite.

yum cha restaurant - char siew bun

BBQ Pork Bun ($2.80 for 2 pieces). Soft and fluffy skin filled with the same in-house honey roasted char siew. A very affordable price for this standard of char siew pau.

yum cha - roasts

The restaurant adopts a 小厨 (little kitchen) concept to cater to the many offices and working class people who patronize the spot. The concept is typically found in Chinese restaurants, whereby meals are prepared and served as quickly as possible to cater to as many people as possible within a short period of time.

Yum Cha Changi Business park also has a dedicated roast kitchen, unique to this branch, so you can expect the freshest roasted delights in this restaurant.

yum cha - menu

The staffs were quick to clear and exchange our plates once they started getting messy. Food was served quickly, and the service rendered was top notch. A 5 minute walk from Expo MRT, the commodious setting is ideal for business collations, romantic dates or even family dinners.

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Expected damage: $18-$30/pax

Yum Cha Restaurant (Changi): 6 Changi Business Park Ave 1, #01-33 UE Bizhub EAST, Singapore 486017 | Tel: 67891717 | Website